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Feature Article - August 2009

Problem-Solver Q&As

Welcome to our annual Q&A Guidebook.

Packed with scores of ideas, this reference tool was designed to help you tackle your
most persistent and universal challenges, covering all the big basic questions.
Consider it an industry guidebook of sorts, chock full of straightforward problem-solving tips.

We hope it is destined to earn a coveted and
permanent place on your desk, ready for use all year round.


Keeping Larger Pools Clean
Increasing Attendance at the Pool
Outfitting Your Pool for Competition
Protecting Aquatic Facilities & Patrons
Bringing Fun Back to the Deep End
Making Pools More Accessible
Ensuring Consistent Pool Operations
Gearing Up for Pool Safety


Funding Park Benches & Memorials
Greening Your Sites
Finding the Right Grill


Adding Restrooms Quickly & Easily
Customizing Your Park With Shelters
Eliminating Odors & Bacteria in Public Restrooms
Providing Flexible Shade Options
Greening Your Park Restrooms


Customizing Your Playground
Recharging Play on a Budget
Fighting Childhood Obesity on the Playground
Ensuring Safe & Accessible Playgrounds
Greening Your Playgrounds
Finding Natural, Affordable Solutions for Playground Safety


Keeping Locker Rooms Tidy & Dry
Preventing Locker Damage


Encouraging New Climbers
Maintaining Your Sports Fields
Lighting Your Sports Fields
Alleviating Concerns About Synthetic Turf
Improving Ballfield Safety


Boosting Your Concession Profits
Weathering the Economic Storm With Branded Fast Food


Expanding Your Seating Options
Serving the 'Staycation' Crowds
Simplifying Events
Expanding Your Knowledge at Trade Shows
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