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Eckel Industries - Noise Control for Your Athletic Facility

Eckel Industries, Inc.

Eckel Industries, Inc.
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Jim Steeves, Sales Coordinator

Eckel acoustic panels effectively and efficiently absorb sound and reduce noise in spaces large and small—especially in gyms, pools, classrooms, athletic facilities, cafeterias and libraries. These high-performance, durable and versatile panels increase the intelligibility of speech; mitigate distracting, unpleasant and even intolerable auditory conditions; and decrease the risk of harm from exposure to excessive noise. They are perfect for repurposing a large athletic facility for use as a concert hall, auditorium or commencement venue.

The pre-engineered panels come in a range of sizes and styles and can be readily positioned within a space to achieve optimal noise reduction. Available in aluminum or steel, they can be customized and finished to fit and complement any architectural layout and interior design. Easy to install during new construction or as a retrofit item Eckel acoustic panels are an economical and effective means to controlling noise and creating ideal acoustic conditions.

Gyms, Pools, Auditoriums…all are spaces where sound, if not properly treated, can overwhelm a room with reverberation and become near-deafening noise that compromises the effective use of the space while simultaneously creating a potentially hazardous health and safety environment.

Through field measurement and computer modeling we can determine the best acoustic panel layout to achieve the desired or required outcome within budgetary considerations. Once installed, Eckel's acoustic panels turn a noisy room into quieter and more accommodating space better suited to the purpose it was designed for.



    Colgate University's Fieldhouse contains four tennis courts, an indoor track, softball batting cages and gymnastics area. The University wanted to use the Fieldhouse as a venue for graduation, concerts and as an auditorium, but the acoustics of the facility were dreadful. The audible echoes severely reduced the quality of the sound in the facility. The installation of Eckel acoustic panels dramatically improved the acoustics of the facility, and the facility has been successfully used for concerts and commencement.

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