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Landscape Structures Inc.

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Since 1971, Landscape Structures Inc. has been the leading manufacturer of commercial playground equipment in the world. The employee-owned company designs community and school playgrounds that encourage kids of all ages and abilities to learn persistence, leadership, competition, bravery, support and empathy through play. Landscape Structures pushes the limits—of design, inclusion, play—to help kids realize there is no limit to what they can do today and in the future.

Interestingly, Landscape Structures began its history of innovation even before its doors opened for business. In 1967, Steve King created a revolutionary concept called continuous play for his final thesis project at Iowa State University. With continuous play, kids can move from playground component to playground component without touching the ground. This new type of design saved space while encouraging independent decision-making and interaction among kids, which is an important ingredient in a child's development.

Through the years, Landscape Structures has continued to introduce other pioneering innovations including the first post and clamp-based playsystem known as PlayBooster®, the first gyroscopic playsystem called Evos® and HealthBeat®, the first gym-quality outdoor fitness system. Furthermore, Landscape Structures also has been at the forefront of creating inclusive playground equipment for children of all abilities. In addition to inclusive playground components, Landscape Structures strives to create entire inclusive play environments to welcome children and families of all abilities to play, learn and grow together.

For a better tomorrow, we play today.

  • 2018 Playground Equipment Catalog

    Kids play. It's a simple thing to do. A way to pass the time, let off some steam. To us, play is so much more. It's a trial run of adulthood. A way for kids to discover and practice all the skills they'll need in the future. Leadership, persistence, empathy, courage. Play is amazing because it shapes kids for tomorrow. So for a better tomorrow, we play today.

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  • Alpha™ Tower and Alpha Link™ Towers

    Bring height to the playground with the Alpha™ Tower and Alpha Link™ Towers. The distinctive geometric design combined with the cool aesthetic of the Hot Dip Galvanized steel frame creates a unique look. Even more, an overall height of 20 feet making these structures a thrilling challenge for kids ages 5 to 12.

  • Centre

    Create the Centre by connecting the Loft, Fire Station and Market Cafe and enhance the fun for 2- to 5-year-olds. Interactive panels prompt adult-child conversations and encourage learning while they play, and various climbers, slides, tunnels and crawl spaces challenge the physical dexterity of toddlers and preschoolers.

  • SkyWays™ Shade

    Keep your cool with SkyWays™ Shade Products from Landscape Structures. Designed to meet the demands of both heat and sun, SkyWays shades kids and families from up to 97 percent of harmful UV rays and keeps structures as much as 30-degrees cooler. They are perfect for the playground and anywhere a large amount of shade coverage is needed—at the ball field, on the beach, in a parking lot and much more.

  • FitCore™ Extreme

    Extreme fitness is gaining popularity based on current TV shows, and now you can create your own custom fitness course using combinations of 38 predesigned pieces. Each piece can also be a challenging obstacle for parkour or freerunning.

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  • GeoPlex™

    Patent-pending GeoPlex™ climbing panels can be transformed into a wide range of climbers, towers, towers with nets, and post-and-deck attachments for PlayBooster® playgrounds for kids ages 5 to 12. These abstract, geometric designs come in many colors to create your favorite look - natural, contemporary, space-ace, circus and much more!

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  • Global Motion™

    Kids of all abilities will appreciate the energetic ride of Global Motion™. This patent-pending freestanding rotating climber packs in plenty of fun activities--climbing, turning, running, gathering and socializing. Global Motion encourages lively activity without worry. The built-in progressive resistance provides kids with a rousing ride, but always maintains a reasonable maximum speed. So you can focus on the fun!

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