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No Fault Sport Group - Playground and Athletic Surfaces

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David Brantley, President

No Fault Sport Group is the nation's leading provider of resilient athletic surfaces for playgrounds, splash pads, water play areas, jogging tracks and more. Since 1974, our surfaces have been installed throughout North America. Our surfaces include No Fault Safety Surface (poured-in-place), No Fault Safety Tiles, No Fault Rubber Mulch (Bonded and Loose-fill), and the newest addition to our product line, No Fault Rubber Turf.

Playgrounds that are surrounded by rubber surfacing, such as No Fault Safety Surface (PIP), Safety Tiles or Rubber Mulch are safer than playgrounds with others types of surfacing. Sand, pea-gravel and wood mulch require relentless maintenance and annual replenishments in order to sustain compliance for ADA and ASTM. These type surfaces also tend to attract insects, gnats and animals. The best choice for playground surfacing is a unitary surface that requires little or no maintenance and is smooth and level allowing wheelchair access for children of all abilities. Should a child jump or fall from equipment, they are less likely to sustain a critical or fatal head injury when they land on a cushioned rubber surface that has impact absorbing properties for fall protection.

No one surface is perfect for every playground, so it is important to consider your options carefully. In addition to safety, factors such as weather for your area, budget and durability should always be considered before choosing a playground surface. No Fault Sport Group offers a variety of rubber surfacing products that will increase the safety, beauty and life of your playground for years to come!

  • No Fault Safety Surface (NFSS) is comprised of the highest quality EPDM or TPV rubber granules blended with a polyurethane binder. NFSS is poured-in-place and professionally installed on site as a 2-layer system for playgrounds. The bottom layer is the impact absorbing layer made of clean, recycled SBR rubber buffing. The top layer is the decorative wear layer comprised of EPDM rubber or TPV granules. The wear layer is available in a variety of color options and can be in-laid with graphics or designs. www.nofault.com

Categories Listed In:

Aquatic Facility Components
Deck Surfaces, Pool

Building & Facility Components
Locker Rooms/Shower Equipment/Restrooms
– – Floor Mats
Locker Room Surfaces
– – Flow-through Flooring
Playground Equipment - Indoor
– – Safety Surfacing, Indoor Play Area

Fitness & Exercise Equipment
Aerobic Floors

Site Furnishings, Structures & Park Equipment Components
Playground Equipment
– – Safety Surfacing

Sports Surfaces
Prefabricated Sheet Goods
Prefabricated Sport Tiles
Rubber Surfacing
– – Surfaces, Indoor
– – Surfaces, Outdoor
– – Synthetic Turf Systems
Weight Room Flooring

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