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NORDOT Outdoor Adhesives - The ultimate Adhesives for the Total Glue Down or Seeming of Synthetic Turf

Synthetic Surfaces Inc.

Synthetic Surfaces Inc.
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Mike Glassett

Since 1973, Synthetic Surfaces Inc. (SSI) has been a world leader in supplying one-part, solvent-based, high "green strength", moisture-cured urethane NORDOT® Adhesives to the synthetic turf and recreational surfaces industries. The founder and owner is Norris Legue, who is the chemist that developed the first one-part urethane adhesive used to successfully glue down a synthetic turf football field.

Back then, the turf industry was new and adhesives for installing turf fields in variable weather outdoors were almost non-existent. To make a superior outdoor adhesive, many critical factors needed to be considered, such as: extreme cold to hot temperatures; surface heating and cooling; humidity; unexpected heavy rain; snow; ice; wind; etc.

SSI concluded from its research and many installation visits that, by far, the best adhesives for outdoor turf were one-part, solvent-based, high "green strength" (grab), moisture-cured urethanes; and oppositely that water-based, solvent-free and hot melt adhesives would have severe limitations when used outdoors.

Understanding that there is no "one size fits all", SSI designed several one-part, moisture-cured urethane adhesives with different handling properties during installation but the same properties after cure. This makes different types of installations easier. Over the many years since, NORDOT® Adhesives have become recognized worldwide as the gold standard by which all other turf adhesives are measured.

With his extensive adhesive knowledge and experience in the synthetic turf industry, Norris has been dubbed the "Guru of Glue®" by his peers. He continues to develop new products and consult with companies about adhesives and the synthetic turf industry.

  • NORDOT® Adhesive #34S-3(Plus) is a one-part, solvent-based curing urethane for installing synthetic turf for field hockey, football, soccer, baseball, playground surfaces and more. It airless sprays like a "spider web" so porous surfaces remain porous, and is also noted for its high "green strength", superior water-resistance and outstanding long-term external durability.

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