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PlayGuard Safety Surfacing - You can't always be there to catch them.

PlayGuard Surfacing

PlayGuard Surfacing
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Mike Shaak, Inside Sales Manager

No playground is complete without safety surfacing to cushion falls and stumbles. PlayGuard playground tiles are designed exclusively to reduce the risk of serious injury associated with falls from playground equipment. From the traditional pigmented line to more than 15 designs of PlayGuard Ultra, PlayGuard is the playground safety surface of choice for restructured and new playgrounds. It features easy installation and maintenance, bold color choices, and the industry's only 15-year warranty. PlayGuard has consistently led the way in advancing the technology to make rubber playground surfacing safer and more accessible for children of all ages and abilities.

  • Carnival Ultra

    Used in combination or as single color accents, the wear layer colors of the Carnival Ultra line create bright and engaging atmospheres that beg for participation and activity. This collection's vivid patterns bring design themes to life and transform playgrounds into lively community attractions. Carnival Ultra tiles are manufactured with proprietary processes that mold a dense recycled rubber and EPDM wear layer, which is 3mm thick, to a footed recycled rubber base.

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Playground Equipment
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