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TriActive America

TriActive America
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Yancy Young, Marketing Director

TriActive America outdoor exercise equipment is an ideal outdoor fitness solution for every community's fight in battling the bulge. Installing TriActive equipment can provide an outdoor gym experience in parks, schools, senior centers, colleges, fitness trails, correction yards, and military fitness centers.

Each outdoor fitness station is designed and built to withstand the harshest environments. Our exercise equipment has been installed in over 2000 locations worldwide and in every possible climate condition. TriActive outdoor exercise units provide a fun, simple, and an accessible way to improve the health and fitness of your community.

  • 40+ products available.
  • Manufactured in the USA.
  • Easy to install.
  • Free online space planning.
  • Equipment is maintenance free.
  • No hydraulics = full range of motion.
  • Equipment uses NO electricity.
  • Wheelchair accessible equipment available.
  • Comfortable and simple to use.
  • Free use by the public.
  • Best customer service in the industry.

The Company: TriActive America revolutionized outdoor exercise in 2002, when we founded the dynamic, outdoor fitness equipment industry in the United States. Being the first, many companies have tried to copy us, but none can duplicate our quality, customer service, and commitment to community fitness.

  • Our annual catalog provides detailed descriptions of our products. The latest catalog highlights our most recent equipment upgrades and new equipment rollouts. Please note the new Wheelchair Accessible equipment designs on page 18, and the new upgraded safety features on page 22. Call 800-587-4228 for more information, or visit our website at www.TriActiveAmerica.com.

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Categories Listed In:

Fitness & Exercise Equipment
ADA Accessible
Abdominal Strength-Training Systems
Balance Training Products
Bars, Chin-up
– – Exercise
Circuit Training Systems
Cross-Training Equipment
– – Recumbent
– – Stationary
Elliptical Motion Equipment
Exercise Circuits, Outdoor
Exercise Courses/Fitness Trails
Fitness Evaluation Systems
Handicapped Equipment
Multistation Exercise Systems
Outdoor Fitness Equipment
Performance Testing
– – Strength
Physical Therapy Equipment
Rowing Machines
Single-Station Exercise Systems
Strength Training Equipment
– – Multi-Station
– – Single-Station
Stretching Apparatus
Upper Body Exercisers
Weight Training Systems
Youth Fitness Equipment

Site Furnishings, Structures & Park Equipment Components
Benches, Park
– – Permanent
Fitness Equipment, Outdoor
Playground Equipment
– – ADA Accessible
– – Challenge Courses
– – Permanent

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