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Creative Tent International

Creative Tent International
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Carol Fontius, President

Keep the game going by extending your season or start a new sports program in a Shasta Sportplex.

Large Multi-purpose community sport complexes or small backyard facilities — designed and manufactured by Creative Tent International. Big volume for fun play happens in a Shasta Sportplex designed for you! Enclose sand volleyball courts, ice rinks, swimming pools, tennis courts and basketball courts, multi-purpose recreation facilities.

Our structures offer the best value in the market by bringing innovative and creative solutions to our commercial, industrial, and military customers. The very nature of our products is modularity, to help our customers get the configuration they want and the best value for their investment. Designed to meet the International Building Code — IBC to meet high winds and snow.

The Sportplex was developed in response to demands that meet application requirements, environmental considerations, time and ease of installation and equipment resources. We can help you through the planning stages of a new facility. Construction cost is minimal and can be completed in days, not weeks. No foundation required.

Made in the USA! Learn more at www.creativetent.us

Categories Listed In:

Aquatic Facility Components
Enclosures, Pool
Shade Structures

Building & Facility Components
Ice Rinks
– – Covers, Ice Rink

Grounds & Field Maintenance
Athletic Field Construction
Ground Covers

Site Furnishings, Structures & Park Equipment Components
Building Structures
– – Fabric Structures
– – Mobile & Modular
– – Storage Facilities
Playground Equipment
– – Shade Covers
Shade Structures
Shelters, Park
Stages, Outdoor
Tents & Canopies

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