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Poseidon Technologies, Inc.

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Jerry Johnson, Business Unit Manager North America

Developed in 1999, the Poseidon Drowning Detection System saves lives and reduces drownings by constantly monitoring the pool to identify a potential drowning victim unrecognized by lifeguards. With over 300 system installations worldwide and over 30 lives saved, this advanced aquatic technology is available as an added layer of protection for swimmers and support for lifeguards.

Poseidon works in conjunction with your lifeguards to enhance systematic pool coverage regardless of number of swimmers present. It is a key piece in the tiered approach (parents/lifeguards/technology) to effectively manage risk and improve liability protection. Poseidon is beneficial for many types of indoor/outdoor swimming pools and natatoriums such as lap and competition pools, therapy pools, diving wells, and play areas deeper than 3ft.

The Poseidon System provides many benefits for your aquatic facility, such as:

  • increases the probability for successful outcomes.
  • provides an opportunity to effectively balance lifeguard staff.
  • helps monitor and address shallow water blackout incidents.
  • integrates within your existing aquatic procedures to reinforce risk management goals.
  • ensures the highest level of safety for patrons while elevating the aquatic experience.
  • encourages swimming confidence for swimmers of all ages.
  • incorporates well into your water safety programs and campaigns.
  • can be installed in new pool construction or retrofitted into existing pools.

With constant pool surveillance and detection, the Poseidon system never blinks! Poseidon raises awareness and reduce potential drownings within your community. Sleep better at night knowing you have the best support system available for your patrons and lifeguards. www.poseidonsaveslives.com

  • Poseidon is a computer vision surveillance system that alerts lifeguards to a potential victim in distress at the bottom of the pool. Poseidon easily integrates within your existing aquatic safety program and procedures. Implementing this technology in conjunction with human supervision produces an optimal safety level that meets or exceeds most standards and best practices in aquatics. With the help of trained lifeguards, the Poseidon system has saved over 30 lives worldwide.

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