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MyTCoat Commercial Outdoor Furniture

MyTCoat Commercial Outdoor Furniture
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Troy Stephens, Owner

Welcome to the next evolution of commercial outdoor furniture! MyTCoat's Advantage Coating is a product line like nothing in the market today. MyTCoat's unique coating system produces the absolute most durable coating on any thermoplastic coated steel furniture. Unlike other coatings, MyTCoat has the highest adhesion rating you can obtain. Our signature coating exceeds other coatings such as plastisol and polyethylene in most if not all aspects. Like plastisol it has a thick coating with a 90% gloss shine and smooth surface, but without the drips and runs commonly found on plastisol coated products. The surface is non-porous which means it is impervious to stains, fungus, mold, mildew, dirt build-up, common acids, salts, and seawater. Our products are not made with Plastisol so there are not PVC's, Pthalates, Plastizer leaching, or any other environmental concerns. As we share the good common traits of plastisol, we also share the good common traits of polyethylene. Like Polyethylene, MyTCoat is UV and fade resistant, and it doesn't crack, peel, or warp. The MytCoat doesn't scar, scratch, mar, or have the "orange peel" effect that polyethylene products have, and no dull texture look to hide imperfections. Our coating is ultra-resistant to vandalism and cutting, and can be cleaned with little to no effort. The durability of MyTCoat cannot be match by any other coating, on any coated steel outdoor furniture that is currently being sold today.

For the Price conscious customer's out there, our pricing structure for our Industry Standard Coating cannot be beat.

  • MyTCoat's new Advantage Coating is far superior to anything on the market. Our coating will not scratch, mar, mold, or mildew. The absolute best in fade and impact resistance. No drips or runs, and still has a high gloss finish with a 7 year warranty. Our Industry Standard Coating has the best price points on the market. Call or email for quotes today, info@mytcoat.com, 855-637-9616 or visit our website: www.mytcoat.com.

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Aquatic Facility Components
Furniture, Deck & Pool

Building & Facility Components
Barriers, Crowd Control
Locker Rooms/Shower Equipment/Restrooms
– – Benches
Scorers' Tables
– – Barriers, Crowd Control

Food Service & Concession Equipment
Grill, Barbecue

Grounds & Field Maintenance
Fencing, Barriers & Gates
Waste & Litter Collection Equipment

Site Furnishings, Structures & Park Equipment Components
Benches, Park
– – Permanent
– – Portable
Bicycle Racks
Dog Park Equipment
Fences, Outdoor
– – Crowd Control
– – Fencing, Permanent
Furniture, Outdoor
Picnic Grills
Picnic Tables
Trash Containers

Sports Equipment & Components
Benches, Players'
– – Driving Range Equipment

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