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Aaron Sommer, Marketing Director

Since 1983, das Manufacturing Inc. has been offering innovative marking solutions for a wide variety of applications. We are the leader in permanent ground-level surface marking.

das Trail Markers™ can be permanently applied to concrete, asphalt or virtually any flat non-soil surface with das Adhesive. The markers are an unobtrusive yet highly visible method of placing information directly on a trail or path. Brand your trails, mark features, distances and emergency location numbers. Durable, fade resistant, low profile and ADA compliant, they can be used as an alternative to vertical signage clutter.

Stock trail markers are available in a number of shapes and legends. Custom markers can be manufactured in just about any size, shape or color with variable data, distances or QR codes.

Our company also offers:

das Trail Decals™ which can be used for temporary marking or branding for events where removability is necessary.

Doo Dots™ to encourage the proper disposal of pet waste by placing the message at ground level where it will do the most good.

das Blazes™ for marking trees. They are easy to see and easy to customize.

A variety of quality custom signage is also available.

Contact das Manufacturing, Inc. for creative, cost-effective solutions to all of your marking needs.

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Playground Equipment
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