Feature Article - August 2008
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The Q&A Book

Offering Solutions to Tough Facility Problems

By Shay Bapple and Emily Tipping

Welcome to our annual Q&A Guidebook.

Packed with scores of ideas, this reference tool was designed to help you tackle your
most persistent and universal challenges, covering all the big basic questions.
Consider it an industry guidebook of sorts, chock full of straightforward problem-solving tips.

We hope it is destined to earn a coveted and
permanent place on your desk, ready for use all year round.


Making Sense of Pool Maintenance
Providing Shade, Increasing Revenue at Aquatic Facilities
Simplifying Pool Cleaning
Recycling & Revitalizing Your Pool Facility
Preventing RWIs and Shutdowns at Your Aquatic Facility
Keeping an Eye on Your Pool's Filtration
Reducing Costs at Your Aquatic Facility
Getting More Patrons in the Pool
Improving Pool Accessibility
Outfitting Your Pool for Competition
Reducing Energy Consumption at Your Pool
Outfitting Your Pool & Lifeguards for Safety
Enclosing Your Aquatic Facility
Attracting the Elusive Teen Market to Your Aquatic Facility


Sprucing Up Your Trails
Selecting Site Furnishings
Ensuring Park Accessibility


Adding Restrooms in Remote Locations
Adding Shelters to Your Park
Protecting Patrons from UV Rays
Unifying the City's Image with Park Structures


Challenging Kids on the Playground
Adding a Playground for Tots
Ensuring Playground Safety
Adding a Spray Park
Extending the Life of Your Playground Safety Surface


Keeping Locker Rooms Clean & Dry
Selecting the Right Lockers


Establishing a Pedal Boat Program
Maintaining a Beautiful Waterfront


Building a Climbing Wall
Diversifying Your Fitness Center
Reducing Risk of Ballfield Injury


Offering Something for Everyone at Your Concession
Offering Healthier Concession Alternatives


Maximizing Special Event Impact
Belson Outdoors - Your Outdoor Superstore
Vantage - Tablet Feeders for Any Size Pool
GameTime - You Were Meant to THRIVE!
Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association - For Unbiased Expertise in Sports Flooring
Zeager - Bonded WoodCarpet(R) Systems  - Safe & Beautiful - Accessible & Natural
National Construction Rental - Rentals Made Easy.
Pilot Rock - Summer Planning Starts Now. - Learn More
Commercial Recreation Specialists - It's all here.