Feature Article - June 2010
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A Look at Trends in Colleges & Universities

Budgets and Usage

While many respondents ended up being more likely to report that they had seen an increase in revenues in 2009 compared with last year's respondents, this was not the case for colleges and universities. In 2009, 35.9 percent of college/university respondents projected an increase in revenues in 2009 over 2008, but this year, just 29.7 percent reported that such an increase occurred. Likewise, respondents were less likely than expected to report an increase in usage in 2009 over 2008, though 60.1 percent ended up reporting such an increase.

Budget concerns are still a primary concern for college and university respondents. One said the top concern on campus was "having enough of a budget to continue to operate in a safe and efficient level that our University is accustomed to operate."

Another cited a change in the way the facility was funded as a concern. This respondent was "assuming responsibility for all operational and maintenance costs for the facilities (previously supported centrally through the university)."

Many college and university respondents were concerned about the impact budget cuts might have on repair and maintenance schedules. "With university budgets so tight, we will have to be more creative on repairing and maintaining our equipment and facilities," one said.

More than half of respondents from colleges and universities are expecting their revenues to hold steady this year and next, with nearly a third expecting an increase. (See Figure 45.)