Feature Article - July 2010
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Our 2010 Salary Survey of the Managed Recreation, Sports & Fitness Industry

By Emily Tipping

Education & Experience

With the heavier representation of baby boomers, it is not surprising that the average respondent can report having plenty of experience under his or her belt. On average, respondents have 11.1 years in their current position, and 21.1 years in the industry. In fact, 41.6 percent of respondents have at least a decade's worth of experience in their current position, and more than half (53.6 percent) have been in the industry for at least 20 years. (See Figures 2 and 3.)

There was only slight variation in terms of experience, when the numbers are broken down according to industry segment. Respondents from parks and recreation organizations, and schools and school districts reported the most years both in their current position and in the industry. (See Figure 4.)

A majority of respondents have a college degree to go along with their decades of experience. In fact, 79.1 percent of respondents said they have a bachelor's (44.1 percent), a master's (32.5 percent) or an advanced degree (2.5 percent), such as a Ph.D. Another 6 percent said they have a two-year associate's degree. Just over one in 10 (11.1 percent) have attended some college, but do not have a degree, and just 3.7 percent said they are high school graduates.