Facility Profile - April 2011
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Turf: Answered Prayers

Rockhurst High School in Kansas City, Mo.

By Laura Pennino

Aurich specified and delivered 103,000 square feet of Tiger XQ 48 synthetic turf. This product is made with TenCate's patented XQ technology that offers a remarkably playable, resilient turf system with exceptional durability characteristics that enable the turf to retain its integrity and deliver optimum performance for the life of the turf.

"Shock absorbency is one of the key characteristics of a turf system that is lost as a synthetic turf field ages, and that increases the risk of injury to players," Aurich said. "The yarn in the turf deteriorates over time, affecting infill and infill levels, causing the field to become less absorbent to the shock and pressures placed on it by athletes."

Baum also had asked MDH to recycle the turf and infill for environmental and cost savings purposes. All of the turf removed from the Rockhurst field by MDH was made available for other turf projects, saving the expense of transportation and disposal into a landfill. Additionally, using an extraction device, MDH was able to salvage approximately two-thirds of the 300,000 pounds of rubber infill that was needed for the new field. (MDH did not expect to retrieve 100 percent of the original infill because infill typically "walks" or "splashes" away over time through regular active play and rain or snow issues.)

"Within a day or two of beginning the project, it was clear that McAnany and MDH would keep their word. They stayed on schedule in spite of the blistering summer heat. And I am pleased that they were able to recycle the turf and rubber infill," Baum said. "The TigerTurf product proved to be as durable as promised, and our coaches and players loved playing on it this past fall. No doubt, it contributed to our state championships in both soccer and football."

Athletic Director Campbell indicated that the new field has been 100 percent problem-free. He added that he and his staff have not experienced any drainage issues whatsoever, and the field is always usable.

When asked if he would recommend that other schools and recreational facility manager consider a similar solution as Rockhurst High School chose, Campbell laughed and said, "Yes, I already have!

Many times!"


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