Web Exclusive - June 2014
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A Look at Trends in Camp Facilities


Camp Facilities

More than half (51.7 percent) of camp respondents reported that the number of people using their facilities had increased from 2012 to 2013. At the same time, 15.9 percent reported a decrease. Looking forward, an increasing number of camp respondents expect to see growth in the number of people using their facilities. Some 60.1 percent expect to see an increase in 2014, and 65.4 percent expect an increase in 2015. Around a third expect usage to remain consistent in 2014 (33.3 percent) and 2015 (32.3 percent).

Camps are more likely than other respondents to report that they have plans for construction over the next few years. Some 78.1 percent of camp respondents have such plans, compared with 62.7 percent of non-camp respondents. Among camp respondents, 31.5 percent are planning to build new facilities, 37.7 percent are planning additions and 55.5 percent are planning renovations to their existing facilities. Camp respondents plan to spend $801,000, on average, on their construction plans.

The features most commonly found among camp respondents' facilities include: trails (72.6 percent of camps respondents include them); open spaces such as natural areas and gardens (69.2 percent); playgrounds (61.6 percent); park structures such as shelters and restroom buildings (61.6 percent); outdoor sports courts (59.6 percent); campgrounds (54.8 percent); waterfronts, marinas and beaches (54.8 percent); classrooms and meeting rooms (50 percent); outdoor aquatic facilities (44.5 percent); and challenge courses or ropes courses (43.8 percent).

Some 47.9 percent of camp respondents reported that they are planning to add features to their facilities over the next three years, an increase from 2013, when 46.5 percent had such plans. The 10 features they are most likely planning to add include:

  1. Disc golf courses (30 percent of camp respondents with plans to add features)
  2. Trails (21.4 percent)
  3. Playgrounds (20 percent)
  4. Climbing walls (20 percent)
  5. Splash play areas (17.1 percent)
  6. Park structures (15.7 percent)
  7. Challenge courses (14.3 percent)
  8. Nature centers (14.3 percent)
  9. Classrooms and meeting rooms (11.4 percent)
  10. Fitness centers (10 percent)


The top programs currently offered by camp respondents include: camping (71.2 percent of camp respondents); arts and crafts (66.4 percent); day camps and summer camps (65.8 percent); educational programs (54.1 percent); holiday events and other special events (47.9 percent); water sports (47.3 percent); teen programming (44.5 percent); environmental education (43.8 percent); trips (35.6 percent); and climbing programs (31.5 percent).

Some 27.4 percent of camp respondents indicated that they have plans to add more programs to their facilities over the next three years. The 10 most commonly planned programs include:

  1. Climbing
  2. Educational programs
  3. Environmental education programs
  4. Holiday events and other special events
  5. Day camps and summer camps
  6. Arts and crafts
  7. Camping
  8. Festivals and concerts
  9. Water sports such as kayaking and canoeing
  10. Teen programming