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Problem Solver - August 2016
Problem Solver Questions & Answers

Create an Attractive, Eco-Friendly Site

To create a beautiful park site that will stay beautiful over time, you need to find the right furnishings. But creating an attractive and eco-friendly site goes beyond simply purchasing and installing furnishings. You also need to be aware of your options, and stay on top of required maintenance to ensure your site pleases patrons for the long term.

Q: We have a mission to use as many sustainable products as possible. Are there site furnishings that are more eco-friendly than others?

A: You can find outdoor recycled plastic furniture that will meet your needs, has an attractive appearance and will last decades and decades with little maintenance required.

Wooden park benches and picnic tables are a popular option, but they eventually rot or splinter, and they need to be repainted or stained regularly. With high-quality recycled plastic, you will never need to paint or replace rotting or splintered boards.

Park benches, picnic tables, planters, receptacles, dog park products and more are available, made from recycled plastic jugs to divert a large amount of waste from landfills.

Using recycled materials in your park's amenities is a smart, eco-friendly solution, but you also should encourage visitors to recycle. Be sure to include recycling receptacles as well as garbage receptacles, with signage so patrons will know what goes where.

Q: We love the idea of going with recycled lumber, but we're also very focused on the aesthetics of our site. We'd like a higher-end look. Can we find that in recycled plastic furnishings?

A: You can find graceful and attractive site furnishings made from recycled plastic slats with the look of a natural wood grain. This means you can upgrade your site with a beautiful wood grain finish, while getting all the maintenance and weatherproof benefits of recycled plastic.

You'll find benches, picnic tables and receptacles that will provide a natural, aesthetically pleasing look while fitting your eco-friendly mission.

Q: We love the idea of going with recycled lumber, but we're also very focused on the aesthetics of our site. We'd like a higher-end look. Can we find that in recycled plastic furnishings?

A: Recycled plastic site furnishings that feature a natural wood grain finish will provide your site with a more elegant appearance without increasing maintenance requirements. That's because recycled plastic needs much less maintenance than other materials. Look for furnishings that are manufactured for commercial use. They'll be able to withstand heavier traffic and abuse.

While wooden picnic tables need to be repainted or stained on a regular basis, recycled plastic never needs this kind of service. In addition, wood can splinter and rot, requiring boards or even entire furnishings to be replaced. Recycled plastic does not rot and splinter.

On top of all these benefits, it is easier to remove painted-on graffiti from plastic than from wooden furnishings.


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