Web Exclusive - January 2019
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A Splashing Good Time

By Peter Arnold

Visual Appeal

In addition to all of the various interactive spray features on the splash pad, Park N Play Design worked very closely with the developer to create a visually appealing set of water rings.

"The developer of Stillwater, Mattamy Homes, asked us to include something with a real visual impact on the splash pad," Robinson explained.

This is especially important as the splash pad is located immediately in front of the amenities center and is the first thing that users see upon entering the area. "We worked closely with Water Odyssey to create three, large custom water coil spray rings that can be seen from all angles," Robinson said.

The 14 foot water coil is 4 inches in diameter and runs 13 GPM of water at 10 psi. The second water coil ring, at 16 feet in height is 6 inches in diameter and runs 15 GPM at 10 psi, and the largest, 18-foot water coil is 8 inches in diameter and runs 21 GPM of water at 10 psi.

"We positioned the three coils together in a way that creates a real "wow factor" upon approaching the splash pad," Robinson said.

It's important to realize that splash pads offer the opportunity to be more than a water play area. In Canada splash parks are only open with users for about three or four months a year. But the splash park can be as much a visual attraction as an interactive play area in the colder months. By using artistic visual appeal, including lighting, a splash park can give a facility year-round appeal, like public works of art.

"We have some clients that change the lighting in their splash pad several times a year including the use of red and green color lighting during the holidays," Robinson said. "One of the reasons our firm likes working with Water Odyssey and Fountain People is it they have the ability to think outside the box and create custom water features and lighting that make a splash park appealing year-round."

Splash parks are, by nature, a very inclusive amenity during the warmer summer months. They can be designed not only for inclusivity but also to make a visual statement that acts as a permanent marketing tool while being aesthetically pleasing. And even though there is a cost associated with recirculation systems, the eco-friendly nature of these recirculation systems support water conservation efforts, making them well-received by our communities.

Peter Arnold is the West Coast sales manager for Fountain People/Water Odyssey and has been with the company since 2016. He began his career in the aquatics industry as an aquatics director with the YMCA. After serving 12 years with the YMCA, he transitioned into sales and served 15 years as the New England sales manager for two prominent commercial pool builders. Peter is certified by the National Recreation & Parks Association as an Aquatic Facility Operator Instructor and is author of a training series called "Pool Schools" for new pool operators.