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Tips for searching the Recreation Management archives

By default, the issue content archive is searched for all entered search word and displays all articles that contain any or all of the search words. Here are some suggestions for refining a search.
skate park
Find all articles that contain at least one of these words. Because of the frequent occurrence of the words skate and park, this search returns many articles. (Remember that an article containing either skate or park satisfies this request.)
+skate +park
Find articles that contain both words. The plus sign indicates the article must contain the following word.
+park skate
Find articles that contain the word park, but rank it higher if it also contains skate.
+skate -park
Find articles that contain the word skate but not park. Since these two words are found together in most articles, this search may not return any articles.
Find articles that contain words that begin with skate (e.g., skate, skates, skateboard, skatepark)
* represents 0 or more characters and can only be used at the end of a search word!
"skate park"
Find articles that contain the exact phrase "skate park" within the text.
For example, an article that contains "skate park patrons" is returned, but an article containing "skateboard park patrons" is not.

If your search is returning too many results, use the above techniques to try and reduce or reorder the results.