First Annual Innovative Architecture & Design Awards: Awarding Experience

First Annual Innovative Architecture & Design Awards

Awarding Experience

The results are in, and our competition winners have been chosen! With the hopes of highlighting the best and most interesting projects the recreation industry has to offer, our 2003 innovative facility picks are unveiled in special detailed profiles. We are proud to showcase these facilities—new or recently renovated, from community centers and universities to health clubs and aquatic complexes, and everything in between—that are helping to set standards of excellence in the recreation community.

Shower Power and Beyond: Locker and restroom design continues to go upscale to please patrons

Shower Power and Beyond

Locker and restroom design continues to go upscale to please patrons

Once relegated to the last and least of the wow-spaces in recreation and fitness facilities, restrooms and locker rooms are becoming the essential hook that catches new clients and keeps old ones coming back. Restrooms and locker rooms no longer have to choose between style and maintainability—two elements previously considered mutually exclusive. Find out how form and function in these spaces are keeping pace with demand for more comfortable, more residential and more family-friendly trends in facility design.

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When to Fire Your Customers

The art of handling difficult guests

Throughout our careers, we've been pounded with the philosophy about providing excellent customer service. The customer is always right. Superb guest services are the key to profitability and growth. Certainly a stalwart goal. But some guests push the customer service envelope and our hospitality buttons just a little too far. Should we always acquiesce to the patron's wishes? Maybe not. Join in the discussion.

Group Programming for Older Adults

A successful, inexpensive approach

With 75 million people in the United States over the age of 50, it's no surprise that Baby Boomers are one of the most important growth markets for recreation facilities and health clubs. Companies of all types are trying to figure out how to market to this consumer goldmine, and it is safe to say community centers and health clubs are looking at ways to cater to this group as well.

Table of contents for JULY/AUGUST 2003 issue of Recreation Management Magazine



Good timing

Food Service & Concession Equipment

Whats cookin?

Ice Rink and Inline Hockey Equipment

Chill out

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