JULY 2007


Two in the Bush


Special Supplement: Complete Guide to Sports & Recreation Surfaces:

Special Supplement: Complete Guide to Sports & Recreation Surfaces

Choosing the right surface for your sports field, facility or playground is like buying a new car. There are shiny and sleek products on the market, but the real test is making sure you get what you paid for, as well as a product that will last. The options may be overwhelming, but a little research and a lot of careful planning can ensure you get the most play out of your surface.

Pump Up the Fun: What’s new on the playground?

Pump Up the Fun

What’s new on the playground?

Forward-thinking recreation managers have made playgrounds ground zero in the winnable war against childhood obesity. We offer tips for creating the perfect place for daily physical activity, giving kids a free place to run, jump and build muscle.

Skating Into the Black: Solid strategies to build revenue

Skating Into the Black

Solid strategies to build revenue

With the public's perception of the ice rink limited to winter use, it can be difficult to ensure a rink is self-sustaining, let alone profitable. We consider some strategies to get more of the right skaters onto the ice.

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Aquatic Staff Training: Good Business Sense

Association Guest Column: National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF)

Managers of recreational facilities must implement training and procedures to prevent the key unique risks associated with aquatic venues. Advances continue to be made to minimize these risks. Prevention is paramount.

Primed for Growth

Utilizing Web-based scheduling tools

If you have not yet implemented a scheduling and management system at your facility, there are a variety of key items for you to consider as you begin the selection process.

Fighting the Germs

Technology to fight recreational water illness

Recreational water illness has been a hot topic this year. We consider some solutions for destroying germs and keeping them out of commercial aquatic facilities.

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A Silky, Smooth Swim

The Sports Club/LA in Orange County, Calif.

The Sports Club/LA in Orange County offers a junior Olympic size pool, but cloudy water was causing customer complaints. Saline chlorination offered a solution.

Something for Everyone

Techny Prairie Park & Fields in Northbrook, Ill.

The 82-acre Techny Park and Prairie in Northbrook, Ill., provides a one-stop recreation shop for residents, with a large range of amenities, from sports fields to an educational trail.

Nature Calls

The Bronx Zoo in Bronx, N.Y.

The Bronx Zoo has been educating and entertaining visitors since 1999, with a strong focus on environmental conservation that even extends to its restrooms.

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