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Kids Know Best


Making Waves: Big Waterpark Trends Hit Smaller Facilities

Making Waves

Big Waterpark Trends Hit Smaller Facilities

A rectangular pool with a diving board and a deep end is no longer enough. These days, municipal aquatic centers are learning from the big trends at commercial waterparks, and are adapting those lessons to their smaller facilities. Learn how you can stay on top of these aquatic trends.

Food For Thought: Simple Menu Changes for Special Diets

Food For Thought

Simple Menu Changes for Special Diets

Society's eating habits are constantly evolving, and concession operators ignore those changes at their own financial peril. With a little flexibility and creativity, your stand can offer a little something for everyone.

Play For All: Therapeutic Recreation Embraces All Abilities

Play For All

Therapeutic Recreation Embraces All Abilities

The importance of recreation to development has gained plenty of recognition—and that means providing recreation for everyone. We take a look at ways to ensure your recreational programming is as inclusive as possible for all populations—including those with disabilities.

Table of contents for OCTOBER 2007 issue of Recreation Management Magazine


Getting Kids on Course

Association Guest Column: Golf Course Builders Association of America (GCBAA)

Golf is a fun game where kids of all ages can learn valuable life lessons. Unfortunately, accessibility to the game is traditionally limited to very few. The GCBAA Foundation aims to change all that with its Sticks for Kids program.

Free Energy

Using Solar Power to Heat Commercial Pools

Found throughout the United States and around the world, solar pool heating systems provide cost-effective pool heating for thousands of commercial users each year.

Today Your Fitness Center, Tomorrow the World

Fitness is going global, thanks to technology. Learn about some ways your facility can build a connection for members.

Legal Compliance: A Boost for Business

Public restrooms, locker rooms and shower rooms have specific ADA requirements, and ensuring compliance is simply good for business.

Table of contents for OCTOBER 2007 issue of Recreation Management Magazine


Big Ten Plunge

McCorkle Aquatic Pavilion at The Ohio State University in Columbus

As part of its enormous Recreation and Physical Activity Center (RPAC) project, Ohio State added state-of-the-art swimming facilities for athletes and non-athletes alike.

Beach Break

Aurura’s Play-by-the-Bay Playground in Sea Isle City, N.J.

When it came time to rebuild a community-built playground in this seaside resort, everyone got behind a new, more accessible play area.

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