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<strong>SPECIAL SUPPLEMENT<br><br>A Guide to Recreation & Sports Surfaces</strong>


A Guide to Recreation & Sports Surfaces

When it comes to recreation and sports surfaces, facility manager have plenty of choices to make—from synthetic turf vs. natural turf fields and running tracks to basketball courts, playground safety surfaces and more. This month we walk through the surface options to help you dig deep to discover what's best for your facility.

The Evolution of Athletic Playing Surfaces

Choices in Indoor Sports Surfaces

A Closer Look at Playground Surfaces

Schooled in Aquatics: Waterpark Trends from the College Campus to the Municipal Center

Schooled in Aquatics

Waterpark Trends from the College Campus to the Municipal Center

To learn what will be hot in city aquatic centers tomorrow, check out what's hot on college campuses and in private waterparks today.

A Corporate Affair: Making a Fit Business

A Corporate Affair

Making a Fit Business

Whether it's an on-site fitness center or a partnership with the local community fitness facility, more corporations are looking to offer outlets for their employees to get a little exercise.

An Apple a Day: Expanding Concessions to Include Healthy Options

An Apple a Day

Expanding Concessions to Include Healthy Options

As waistbands across the country expand, more Americans are looking for healthy snack alternatives. Learn how to adapt your concession stand to meet their needs.

Table of contents for SEPTEMBER 2008 issue of Recreation Management Magazine


Easy Access

Fitness & Exercise: Making Fitness Available to All

To get entire communities more active, consider installing exercise equipment outside in a park where everyone can access it.

Look Out Below

IPEMA: Navigating Playground Safety

Ensuring your playgrounds are as safe as possible will not only save you from worrisome lawsuits and other risks, but is also just common sense. Learn how to improve safety on your playground.

Painting a Canvas

Design Corner: Incorporating Community Preferences

The difference between a huge success and a not-so-impressive new facility can often be whether or not the community is involved from the get-go. Learn more about how to get this critical input early, and often.

Table of contents for SEPTEMBER 2008 issue of Recreation Management Magazine


Swimming to a Solution

Nor Gwyn Swim Club in North Wales, Pa.

When it came time to replace this pool's filters, the managers of the facility considered all their options before deciding on a solution that would save water—and money.

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