JULY 2009


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A Guide to Sports Facility Design

A Guide to Sports Facility Design

Whether it's a professional football team, a college soccer team or just intramural sports, designers have come up with some creative solutions to design new indoor and outdoor facilities. In this special supplement, our editorial team considers some recent innovations in sports facility design.

What You Need to Know About Indoor Sports Design

An Inside Look at Outdoor Sports

Dollars and Sense: Our 2009 Salary Survey of the Managed Recreation, Sports & Fitness Industry

Dollars and Sense

Our 2009 Salary Survey of the Managed Recreation, Sports & Fitness Industry

Representing the second annual glimpse behind the scenes of recreation, sports and fitness facility careers, this report takes a look at the salary and related information collected in our annual State of the Industry Report survey.

Nature and Nurture: Trends in Play Design

Nature and Nurture

Trends in Play Design

When it comes to playgrounds, there are several movements afoot: one brings more natural elements to the playspace, another ensures kids get the right amount of exercise, and a third is meant to provide play for everyone—no matter their economic background or physical abilities.

Water Hazard: Managing Aquatic Risk

Water Hazard

Managing Aquatic Risk

Aquatic facility managers have plenty of risk to contend with. Preventing drowning is a basic first, but there are also unseen threats such as recreational water illnesses. Making sure patrons are safe is an essential part of the job.

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Design Corner:
Responsive Planning, Responsive Projects

Whether or not you know exactly what is meant by "shovel-ready," this guide to the design and planning process will be helpful in tracking your own projects.

Food Service & Concessions:
Give Branded Food a Chance

During Hard Times, Consumers Look for Value and Familiarity

Want a successful concession? Never underestimate the power of a brand. Customers will flock to familiar names and menu items, and it might be easier than you think.

Customer Service:
Developing Customer Service in Collegiate Recreation Facilities

An often-overlooked aspect of running a successful recreation facility, customer service is essential. Here are some ideas to help you get your staff on the right foot.

Table of contents for JULY 2009 issue of Recreation Management Magazine


Always Cool

Anytime Fitness in Faribault, Minn.

Keeping patrons cool as they're working out goes a long way toward ensuring they'll want to keep coming back for more. Here's how one fitness facility cools exercisers off year-round without breaking the bank.

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