MARCH 2012


Taken for Granted


Fit for All Ages: Reaching New Demographics Through Targeted Fitness Programming

Fit for All Ages

Reaching New Demographics Through Targeted Fitness Programming

Fitness facilities are increasingly offering programs focused on specific audiences, from sitting workouts for older adults to game-centric workouts focused on teens.

Safe and Secure: Balancing Safety and Fun on the Playground

Safe and Secure

Balancing Safety and Fun on the Playground

No matter how carefully a playground is designed, children will still fall and can potentially get hurt. Close attention to safety standards, especially the surface beneath the equipment, will help keep kids safer.

Gathering a Community: Planning Community Gardens and More

Gathering a Community

Planning Community Gardens and More

With the increasing focus on obesity and other health issues, a community garden offers a perfect way to teach about healthy nutrition and activity. It also provides an outlet for other community events.

Maintenance & Operations:  Turf Management: <strong>Sustainable Turf Management</strong><br>
<em>An Organic Systems-Based Approach</em>

Maintenance & Operations: Turf Management

Sustainable Turf Management
An Organic Systems-Based Approach

More and more communities and agencies are going green. This includes adopting more sustainable grounds maintenance practices.

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Mother Nature's Marathon

When Mother Nature almost put a stop to a Vermont marathon, planners made quick, smart adjustments to ensure runners would get their chance to shine.

Parks Reach Out to Disabled Vets & Soldiers

U.S. Paralympics selected the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) to receive grant funding in support of Paralympic sport and physical activity programs for disabled veterans and members of the armed forces. Find out how these programs are making a difference.

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Design Corner

Driven by Demographics
Student Activity Center Design Must Consider All Constituencies

The most successful student activity center designs are those that take demographics into account. Every campus and every project will be different. Embracing these differences leads to effective designs.


Splashpads Get Greener
Innovative Systems Reuse & Replenish Every Splash

As splash play areas have become a must-have for parks across the country, designers are coming up with new ways to conserve resources, and reuse water.

Field Maintenance

No Snow?
Consequences of a Nearly Snow-Free Winter on Ballfields

This past winter has been striking for its lack, or near lack, of snow in many areas. Learn how this affects your ballfields, and what you need to do to get them ready for the players to take to the field.

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Sports Facilities

A Community Gets Active
Allen Fields in Angel Fire, New Mexico

In Angel Fire, N.M., a new synthetic turf sports complex has become a hub of recreational activity for kids and adults.

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