MAY 2014


The Spice of Life


Flexible Facilities: Trends in Multipurpose Facility Design

Flexible Facilities

Trends in Multipurpose Facility Design

By definition, multipurpose facilities must provide many opportunities for a diverse audience. The most successful begin with smart design strategies that take these myriad needs into account.

A Good Sport: Innovations in Sports Facility Design

A Good Sport

Innovations in Sports Facility Design

Whether it's boosting eco-friendliness or streamlining operations, it is possible to create sports facilities that combine form and function, to ensure they both look beautiful and operate efficiently.

Water, for Profits: Aquatic Design Meets Community & Budgetary Needs

Water, for Profits

Aquatic Design Meets Community & Budgetary Needs

Just as water is essential to life, aquatic facilities provide essential services to the communities where they are built. The most effective designs combine this service with an attention to cost control.

The Enticing Outdoors: Get Minds & Bodies Moving

The Enticing Outdoors

Get Minds & Bodies Moving

Playgrounds have come so far since the days of slides and swings installed over an asphalt surface. These days, playground design is adapting to more modern needs—getting kids into nature, and getting them moving.

Fit by Design: Getting More From Fitness Facility Design

Fit by Design

Getting More From Fitness Facility Design

Fitness facilities can encompass a wide range of designs, from bare-bones spaces to resort-like extravagances. Essential to any approach, though, is knowing the facility's audience.

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Fun on the Water

Water-Based Entertainment Adds Revenue, Builds Community

Natural waterfronts are a boon to their communities, when you know how to use them. Water-based family entertainment centers can boost revenue, as well as enhance the community they serve.

Cultural Opportunities

A Case Example Reveals the Impact of Culture on Recreation & Sports Facility Design

Designers of recreation, sports and fitness facilities must take into account the various needs of the population the facility will serve. Unusual sports and differing cultures can present an opportunity to do something different.

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Taking Ownership
Follow These Steps to Career Success

Attending college, you learn a lot, but not many students learn all the crucial elements that can turn a lackluster career into a life of accomplishment. Here are some steps to help make a successful career.

Design Corner

Off the Scale
Create Buildings That Appear Both Imposing and Approachable

When we're talking about recreation centers and sports facilities, we're usually talking about facility design on a grand scale. It can be tricky to find the balance between the imposing nature of such grand facilities and the need to make all feel welcome.

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The Air in There
Jenks Trojan Aquatic Center in Jenks, Okla.

When faced with concerns about indoor air quality, this aquatic facility found some innovative and effective fixes.

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