A Guide to Aquatic Centers

A Guide to Aquatic Centers

Once again, we wade into the latest trends in aquatic facilities with our annual guide to aquatic centers. This year's guide focuses on trends in programming that keep facilities operating in the black, as well as the benefits of multi-use pools and maintaining proper water and air quality.

Finding Profitability in Aquatic Operations

If only aquatic facility managers could control the weather, they might be able to improve their bottom line.

Multi-Use Pools Provide Space for Competition, Leisure

At least one expert says that large multi-use pools may be the way of the future for colleges, park districts and health clubs.

Managing Healthy Air & Water in Your Aquatic Facility

Change is in the air—and in the water. Today's aquatic managers can wield significant game-changing weapons in the battle for healthier natatorium environments.

Fit to Be Tried: New Trends in Fitness Programming

Fit to Be Tried

New Trends in Fitness Programming

The latest trends in fitness programming indicate a more individualized approach, with greater connectedness, more group fitness activities and more.

Sports to the Max: Make the Most of Your Sports Fields

Sports to the Max

Make the Most of Your Sports Fields

For fields designed to handle specific sports like soccer, baseball and lacrosse, as well as multi-use fields, finding the ideal turf solution requires special consideration.

Planning for Inclusion: Inclusive Play Needs Community Participation

Planning for Inclusion

Inclusive Play Needs Community Participation

Ideally, inclusion is top-of-mind from the earliest planning stages of your playground. Get the community involved and excited from conception to completion of your project.

Out of the Ordinary: Making Fun Park Games Work

Out of the Ordinary

Making Fun Park Games Work

Disc golf continues to be one of the more commonly planned additions among parks, camps and others. Learn more about adding disc golf to your lineup, as well as other popular favorites like mini golf, bocce and more.

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Less Stress, More Fitness

Swimming Decreases Stress, Boosts Fitness As We Age

Just because we get older, that doesn't mean we need to get less fit and less healthy. For those who learn to swim, the water offers the perfect venue for maintaining fitness and health, while reducing stress.

Get Ready to Garden

Many parks and recreation organizations offer community members the space—and even some education—to start gardening. This month, we'll take a look at things you can do to get your community garden's season off to a good start.

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It's Time to Save Outdoor Play

Kids need free time in the outdoors to play in order to develop healthy bodies and minds. Unfortunately, screens and scheduled activities are pushing outdoor play off the agenda. It's time to save outdoor play!


Keep Park and Rec Locations Clean and Healthy Year-Round

With the right cleaning and maintenance practices in place, you can protect patrons from diseases all year long.

Table of contents for FEBRUARY 2015 issue of Recreation Management Magazine


Gymnastics Training

Coordination From Start to Finish
Gymnastics Training Center in Salt Lake City, Utah

Bringing a positive gymnastics experience to members and employees is the mission of this gymnastics center in Salt Lake City. Now they have a brand new facility in which to accomplish that goal.

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