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Special Supplement  A Guide to Aquatic Centers

Special Supplement A Guide to Aquatic Centers

In our annual Guide to Aquatic Centers, we examine some of the latest trends in aquatic facilities. Feature stories cover designing facilities to offer more flexibility, along with creative approaches to programming. We also take a closer look at strategies for improving efficiency and saving resources at your aquatic facility.

Designing Flexible Pools

Swimming pools have come a long way from the expected rectangles of the past. Nowadays, aquatic designers take flexibility into account and design aquatic facilities that offer myriad options for programming, competition and recreation.

Programming Your Pool for Success

Successful aquatic facilities require smart approaches to programming. While almost every pool should begin with the basics, there are plenty of ways to make the best use of pool time to grow attendance and revenues.

Improving Efficiency in Pool Operations

In recreation facilities nationwide, swimming pools can eat away a big bite of the budget. Finding ways to operate aquatic facilities more efficiently and effectively is critical.

Structural Integrity: Nonconventional Buildings Offer Savings, Customization

Structural Integrity

Nonconventional Buildings Offer Savings, Customization

Expanding sports and recreation programming from seasonal to year-round can be simple, when you consider nonconventional ways to enclose your programs. From air-supported and tensioned membrane structures to yurts and more, there are ways to get it done quickly and efficiently.

The Best of Both Worlds: Know When to Rely on Synthetic or Natural Turf

The Best of Both Worlds

Know When to Rely on Synthetic or Natural Turf

Is synthetic turf or natural turf best for your sports and recreation programming? The answer is, both. There are reasons to use one or the other, but for many facilities, a combination of the two will maximize programming possibilities.

Workout 2017: Making Americans Fit Again

Workout 2017

Making Americans Fit Again

Fitness trends come and go, and come and go, but there are ways to adapt so that you're always offering something that your members and visitors are looking for.

Teaching Healthy Eating: Connecting Communities to Healthier Lifestyles

Teaching Healthy Eating

Connecting Communities to Healthier Lifestyles

From nutrition counseling and education to farmers markets and community gardens, parks and other organizations have found myriad ways to try to improve the health of the communities they serve.

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Preventing the Flu at Your Facility

Given that 80 percent of illness-causing germs are spread through touch, cleaning and disinfection is a critical step toward preventing illness and outbreak. Here are some tips to help prevent the spread of flu and other winter germs in your facility.

Sports Without Opponents

Self-Competitive Mainstreaming

When you want to ensure inclusive opportunities for all potential patrons, turn to sports that allow participants to compete against themselves, rather than each other.

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Renovation Solutions for Indoor Pools

When your indoor pool begins to show signs of its age, it's time to consider your renovation options. The good news is that there are cost-effective approaches to making your pool like-new again without starting over from scratch.

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Nature on the Waterfront
Rosewood Beach in Highland Park, Ill.

A new design for this beachfront park along Lake Michigan preserves sightlines along the lakeshore, along with the ecology of the site, while providing visitors access to the beach.


Turning to Tech
Groveport Recreation Center in Groveport, Ohio

A new solution is enabling this recreation center to streamline its use of resources and save energy, and money.

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