Playground Safety Surfaces

Kids Karpet® engineered wood fiber for playground surfaces is specially designed with child safety in mind. Produced from 100-percent virgin wood fibers, it is tested according to ASTM standards set for playground surfaces. Combined with proper installation and maintenance, Kids Karpet® can last for up to 10 years and is backed by Garick's guarantee for product performance. Kids Karpet® is available in bulk, two- and three-cubic-foot bags and four-cubic-yard compressed Kids Kubes, which are effective for commercial jobs and home playgrounds.

Garick Corporation: 800-2-GARICK

Playground Safety Surfaces

Sof'Fall® Engineered Wood Fiber is a natural choice when it comes to selecting a playground surface. Sof'Fall®, manufactured out of virgin wood, is tested for head-impact attenuation, ADA-accessibility and tramp metals. It is nontoxic, nonflammable, and easy to install and maintain. Sof'Fall® is dedicated to the safety of all children.

Sof'Fall: 800-523-8690

Playground Safety Surfaces

IMC is a manufacturer of loose fill rubber playground surfacing. Various rubber products and colors are available to fit your needs for surfacing and your budget. The two main lines, Rubberific Mulch and NuPlay, are ADA-compliant with head-impact ratings that are second to none. Rubberific Mulch is a tire buffing, which is shaped to resemble the shaved look of wood mulch. NuPlay is a rubber nugget material capable of taking a fall of up to 13 feet, with only a depth of 6 inches. A nationwide distribution network means products are delivered in a timely manner.

Rubberific Mulch: 866-936-8524

Playground Safety Surfaces

Fibar Systems® is a leading supplier of playground safety surfacing throughout the United States and Canada. Fibar Systems® are designed to be safer than sand, pea gravel and mulch, and they are ADA-accessible. Fibar Systems are all natural engineered wood fiber systems that are shock-absorbing to reduce risks of injuries from falls. They are simple to install, easy to maintain and inexpensive. The Fibar Systems 300 comes with a 25-year warranty and product liability insurance. When 12-year-old Fibar was tested to the ASTM F 1292 standard for impact attenuation, it cushioned 45 percent better than new material.

Fibar Systems: 800-342-2721

Playground Safety Surfaces

Welch Products Inc. is a premier products and equipment manufacturer for the recreational, playground and safety-surface industry. Welch uses a multistep approach for making playgrounds safer with exclusive patented surfacing technologies. Welch also helps locate funding for the installation of safer playground surfaces derived from recycled-rubber products. With its advanced R&D techniques and strategic partnerships, Welch supplies products and solutions to all levels of government agencies including local, state, federal, parks and recreation departments, DOD, DOT, DED, and correctional facilities. Welch has thousands of playground surfacing installations throughout the United States.

Welch Products: 877-385-5544

Playground Safety Surfaces

Whatever your choice of unitary surfacing, start with Recbase®. This resilient base consists of recycled foam panels that are installed as a base for playground surfaces. It is then covered with poured-in-place rubber, rubber tiles or artificial turf. Recbase® provides drainage and five feet of fall protection, while offering significant cost savings. You don't need to excavate existing hard surfaces such as concrete or asphalt when you can place Recbase® directly over these surfaces and save yourself time and money.

Zeager Bros., Inc.: 800-346-8524

Playground Safety Surfaces

Playgrounds encourage imagination in kids. No Fault embraces this concept with countless application options of its Saf Dek surface. Considered one of the industry standards, Saf Dek has been an innovator within the safety surface industry for more than 18 years. The company's dedication to service, quality and commitment to safety, in addition to its ingenuity, set it apart from other surface companies. The unconventional playground pictured serves as a creative water play area and demonstrates how this facility distinguishes itself from others with its emphasis on safety and originality, as No Fault Saf Dek does.

No Fault Sport Group, LLC: 866-637-7678

Playground Safety Surfaces

Dinoflex has manufactured recycled-rubber playground surfacing since 1989. The company's primary commitment in the development of products for playground surfacing is to provide superior solutions for impact absorption. High-quality standards coupled with consistency in production yields some of the finest-quality tile on the market today. Dinoflex Playground Surfacing tiles are easy to install and require minimal maintenance. They also combine learning, creativity, interactive play and fun. When you decide to make an investment in playground surfacing, consider the product with 13 years of quality and service behind it.

Dinoflex Manufacturing Ltd.: 877-713-1899

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