Big Time

Dizard Jumbo gym and pool clock is Dizard's most popular pace clock, with fraction second index. It features colored sweep hands and returnable minute indicator and reliable electric synchron movement. It's available in either a wall model or stand model.

Dizard: 800-667-0677

Back at You

The Sports-PC is an electronic responding backboard that borrows the thrill of interactive computer games to achieve a total body workout and superior performance skills. It features computerized lights that flash and act as targets, as well as embedded electronic sensors that detect shot accuracy. Synthesized audio effects enhance the fun. An electronic scoreboard and time clock keep track of the action. Users can choose from a variety of challenging preprogrammed games, played alone or with partners. The Sports-PC can be adjusted for all ages and skill levels by adapting target size and speed of the games.

Sportwall Int., Inc.: 800-695-5056

Soccer Tutor

The Soccer Tutor Pro Trainer model is one of the world's first automatic feed soccer machines. With its fold-out ball track, it automatically feeds up to five balls at a time at five-second intervals. This frees coaches and players from being the designated ball feeder and makes it possible to create independent drill areas where players work on specific skills while receiving only high-quality passes. The unit can serve rolling, bouncing, driving or high-arcing shots at distances up to 40 meters. Handle and wheels make for easy towing, and the rechargeable battery lasts up to two hours on a charg