Make Some Noise

First Team's Thunder portable goal and the larger Storm portable goal are available with a variety of backboard options. In addition to portability, you also get ease of height adjustment with all First Team portable goals. A simple hand-crank mechanism on the Thunder system allows you to lower the basket height. This is useful for executing drills for younger players during camps or youth programs, easy storage with no disassembly required, and "esteem-building" slam-dunk showcases. The goals are durable enough to withstand dunking without breaking backboards or tipping the unit.

First Team, Inc.: 800-649-3688

Be in Control

The TouchMateTM from AALCO Manufacturing presents a control solution for all your equipment from one source. Designed for new facility construction, this state-of-the-art control system operates motorized athletic equipment such as backboards, curtains, batting cages and height adjusters. The resistive touch screen in color or monochrome can be programmed and custom-designed with an industry-leading software editor. You can design your panel in 10 minutes or less. Easy-to-use Windows-based drag and drop graphics allow you to customize your system for completely individual use. The system is self-diagnosing and lockable without need for keys, and an optional external keypad is available.

AALCO Products: 800-537-1259

Rim-Wrecker Advantage

The Torq-FlexTM goal is engineered to take on the most rambunctious of rim-wreckers. Porter Athletic Equipment Co., a global leader in athletic equipment, developed the Torq-FlexTM goal's unique patent-pending design with three leading-edge features: an exclusive steel torsion-rod pivot design that consistently maintains proper elasticity and reboundability, shot after shot, season after season; a case-hardened alloy steel torsion rod pivot that provides maintenance-free goal assembly; and a safer tube-tie net attachment that attaches to the goal through a unique design that eliminates wire-formed attachments protruding below the rim's underside.

Porter Athletic Equipment Company: 708-338-2000

Wipe Your Shoes

M.A.S.A. Inc. offers a solution to cleaning all athletic shoes with cleats. Cleat Cleaners quickly remove mud and dirt, improve footing and mobility, reducing injuries, and resulting in cleaner dressing rooms. Mount Cleat Cleaners on pitching mounds, outside locker room doors, near team bench areas or in the dugout. They are made from heavy-duty rubber, measure 13 inches by 12.5 inches with 84 spike cleaners.

M.A.S.A., Inc.: 800-264-4519

Spike It

Sports Imports Inc. is a source for SENOH. In its 26th year, Sports Imports is one of the largest providers of volleyball equipment in the world. Consultants focus their attention the needs of your program and how you will use the equipment. You can trust the inventors of the in-ground volleyball system and the one chosen for many major volleyball competitions worldwide. New additions to the catalog include an aluminum upright, ball cart, folding official stand and new one-piece upright pad.

Sports Imports Inc.: 614-771-0246

Winning Score

The Scoremaster aluminum sports goals are designed to be lightweight, safe and strong. They are easy to install temporarily or permanently, move in between games or store in the off-season. Superb craftsmanship and advanced design keep players safe, protect fields, and save valuable time for groundskeepers and equipment managers.

Scoremaster: 888-726-7627

Improving the Field

Beacon Ballfields supports those working to improve athletic playing fields. The company helps achieve higher field performance, increased safety, lower maintenance needs and better field appearance. In its new catalog, Beacon describes materials, equipment, education, design services and technical assistance.

Beacon Ballfields: 800-747-5985

Slide into Home

Soft Touch and Stay Down "progressive release" bases flex and absorb energy as players slide into the base. In case of hard, uncontrolled slides, the progressive release action allows the base to flex until enough force is applied to pop the base free from its mount, unlike a stationary base.

AFP Soft Touch: 866-544-2077