Anti-Skid Surface

Dri-Dek's anti-skid, self-draining surface keeps wet floors dry. It's effective in pool areas, showers, locker rooms and saunas. The surface is made from oxy-B1TM vinyl, which fights the spread of infectious fungus and bacteria in areas with barefoot traffic. Just snap the 12-inch-by-12-inch interlocking tiles together to form a custom surface of any length, width or shape. Choose from 12 colors.

Kendall Products: 800-348-2398

Filtration System

The original gravity sand filtration system at Iowa City's 55-year-old pool could no longer keep up with today's bather loads, which reach 1,200 on busy days. The pool water was consistently cloudy and racing lanes were obscured. After installing USFilter's National LineTM NFS Series Fiberglass filter system and strainer, the water is crystal clear. In addition, the National LineTM hair and lint strainer catches debris before it enters the pool's pumps, preventing serious impeller damage.

USFilter Stranco Products: 866-766-5987, ext. 4149

Rink Facility Products

In its new brochure, Athletica features the industry-leading Border Patrol Permanent Outdoor In-Line hockey rink system. Learn how Border Patrol rinks have created a standard for in-line hockey with their safety, playability and durability. This full-color brochure details the different Border Patrol products and explains how RinkPlexTM can enhance your rink facility, allowing a variety of programming, including soccer, volleyball, basketball and more. Border Patrol Permanent can get you rolling.

Athletica, Inc.: 800-809-RINK

Play Environments

Remember when we were kids and all it took to entertain the neighborhood was a lawn sprinkler? Today's young audiences demand more. Kids clamor for higher levels of fun and excitement. Parents want play environments that stimulate interactivity and imagination while ensuring the safety of their children. KoalaPlay Group is at the leading edge of this evolution. From modular play systems to custom-themed waterparks and the Interactive BallPlayTM , KoalaPlay Group creates family-friendly environments that encourage repeat business and longer, more enjoyable visits.

KoalaPlayGroup: 303-539-8356

Deck Coating

The informative, easy-to-read brochure for All Deck Coating System provides an overview of uses and application of the waterproof, nonskid, protective system. It also contains technical data that outlines the stringent testing the Fire Rated Walking Roof System has been put through and the results of the testing. The brochure also highlights a variety of completed projects from on-grade pool decks and stairways to above-grade and designs.

Environmental Coating Systems, Inc./All Deck: 800-ALL-DECK

Flame Broiling Equipment

Nieco, one of the world's leading manufacturers of automated flame broiling equipment, presents its full line catalog, which contains specifications and information about its various broiling equipment. From the Flexi-Chef® System to the line of N-Series Automatic Broilers, you'll see why Nieco is a leader in automatic broiling equipment.

Nieco Corporation: 707-284-7430

Site Furnishings

The 2004 catalog from DuMor Site Furnishings features a wide selection of benches, ash urns, receptacles, picnic tables, planters, bike racks and grills. Learn more about the "Sponsor a Bench" program, as well as alternative materials and custom design options. DuMor site furnishings are durable, functional products with a stylish flair. Make your site more appealing with DuMor.

DuMor: 800-598-4018

Landscape Elements

For more than 30 years, Litchfield has been manufacturing shelters, gazebos and architectural furnishings that are aesthetically pleasing and durably functional. The line of park products manufactured under the umbrella of Litchfield Landscape Elements? includes picnic shelters, ornate gazebos, large recreational pavilions, carousel houses, pergolas, park benches and tables, litter receptacles, and more. Choose from hundreds of standard products or let Litchfield build your custom design.

Litchfield Landscape Elements: 800-542-5282