Fitness Facility Layout

Life Fitness is committed to offering more than just fitness equipment. It also offers total fitness solutions, including facility layout and planning expertise. After you choose the equipment you need, Life Fitness's facility layout planning department helps custom-configure it for your facility. The staff, which has helped plan thousands of facilities over the years, discusses every aspect of the layout and planning process. No matter what the size of the facility, Life Fitness will ensure that the equipment is properly positioned for safe and effective use.

Life Fitness: 800-634-8637

Beautiful Bridges

Wheeler Consolidated is highly experienced in the design and fabrication of pedestrian and vehicular bridges for parks, trails, golf courses and roadways. Offering either steel or timber structures, Wheeler manufactures bridges of enduring beauty, strength and durability. Bridge designs can fulfill any application need and are based on sound national standards, using materials to balance form, function and economy. Wheeler provides knowledgeable project advice, high-quality products and attention to customer service.

Wheeler Consolidated: 800-328-3986

Game Accessories

There's a goal for every game in the new 2004 Bison Team Sports and Park & Rec Equipment catalog. The catalog provides a detailed review of Bison's latest basketball, volleyball, soccer and football goals, as well as gymnasium and field accessories. Bison offers equipment for every level of indoor and outdoor competition and recreation. Special features for 2004 include an expanded selection of aluminum portable soccer goals and more than 20 indoor and outdoor portable basketball systems.

Bison Inc.: 800-247-7668

Water Wars

Water Wars is an interactive, entertaining, competitive water attraction for people ages 3 and older. Players try to get their opponents wet by launching water balloons from opposing battle stations. The systems can be used anywhere from family fun centers to fairs, festivals, fund-raisers, parties, promotions, resorts, rentals, carnivals and corporate events. Available in both portable and stationary models.

Water Wars: 800-950-1132

The Stage is Set

Century Industries' brochure details its Showmaster Mobile Sound Shell Stage and Mobile Bleachers. The stage is an acoustic shell with great sound, lighting and visual enhancements. A self-contained hydraulic system can be deployed at the push of a button. Mobile Bleachers can seat 180 to 300 people; meet the latest building codes; and feature all-weather construction, a self-contained hydraulic system and full highway towability. One person can quickly set them up.

Century Industries: 800-248-3371

The Yurt

The Pacific Yurt, a round recreational living structure, is easy to install, strong and comfortable year round. Established in 1978, Pacific Yurts is the original designer and manufacturer of the modern yurt. The flexible design is adaptable to a wide variety of environments from the tropics to snow country. Structural options are available for up to 100-psf snow load and 100-mph wind. Additional options are featured in a Custom Options Catalog.

Pacific Yurts Inc.: 800-944-0240

Concrete Furnishings

Doty & Sons Concrete Products, Inc. manufactures a complete line of concrete site furnishings including litter receptacles, recycling receptacles, cigarette snuffers and banks, benches, table sets, planters, and bollards. Other products include benches and litter receptacles with recycled-plastic lumber. Finishes include exposed aggregate and sandblast finishes. Custom-made products and special aggregates and colors are available. Factory-direct discounts are also available.

Doty & Sons Concrete Products, Inc.: 800-233-3907

Aquatics Catalog

Brock's swimming pool equipment supplies catalog is a rundown of everything from acid pumps to winter pool covers. It highlights eight products offered including a vacuum that uses a 3.5-horsepower Briggs and Stratton gas engine; a "breathable" lifeguard chair umbrella with an open-weave material that blocks up to 75 percent of the sun's rays; and a top-of-the-line head immobilizer that has two head supports, with ear openings, Velcro® base plate and two straps to hold the head in place while providing lateral support.

Brock Enterprises Inc.: 800-332-2360