Play Outdoors In

Specifically engineered for recreation and sports facilities, the Universal Fabric Structures' SporthallTM provides an effective structural solution for the enjoyment of an outdoor game in an indoor environment. Retractable sidewalls and translucent roof covers create an innovative indoor-outdoor playing space, while protecting players from the elements. Plus, Sporthalls are immediate, modular, relocatable and cost-effective. UFS also provides turnkey installation of the structure, including outfitting with lighting, utilities and other options required for your specific use. Applications include tennis clubs, skating rinks, football and soccer fields, fitness clubs, swimming facilities, basketball, volleyball, and miniature golf.

Universal Fabric Structures: 800-634-8368

Retractable Enclosures

The newest addition to make a splash at the Americana Conference Resort and Spa in Niagara Falls is an indoor waterpark, made possible by OpenAire's retractable enclosure. The aluminum thermally broken frame spans 133 feet wide by 144 long, and the framing system is composed of an aesthetic combination of aluminum, glass and polycarbonate. OpenAire's flexibility in custom-design made it possible to include a 28-foot-high slide platform, with a dormer over the slide area. Operable roof panels, controlled by the touch of a button, allow for the opening of almost 50 percent of the roof area.

OpenAire: 800-267-4877

Aquatic Enclosures

Atria/Garden Prairie aquatic enclosures provide some of the most advanced commercial enclosures available on the market. Color-coated aluminum frames and rafters minimize maintenance, while manual or electric opening light-transmitting roof panels and sliding glass doors allow for natural ventilation. The enclosures can increase participation in swimming and club activities at health and fitness centers, YMCAs, schools, waterparks, and other recreation facilities. For almost four decades, CCSI International, Inc., the manufacturer, has been a leader in the development of enclosures for both commercial and residential applications. You also can request roof-only projects.

CCSI International, Inc.: 800-537-8231