Get a Grate Fit

Grate Technologies® now offers custom fabrication services to its comprehensive product line of off-the-shelf and custom-fit rim-flow pool perimeter grating systems. Grate Technologies® meets the challenges of the highly competitive aquatics industry by offering customers more custom-built products specific to the needs of their indoor/outdoor aquatic parks and facilities. Examples of specialty products and features include water handling sumps (straight and radius), side wall-mount weirs for lazy rivers, custom main drains (straight and radius), colored light boxes for pool and fountains, nozzle boxes for fountains, and dividing walls for indoor/outdoor pools for winter.

Lawson Aquatics, Inc./Grate Technologies: 239-435-3700

Score for the Floor

Taraflex Sports Flooring by Gerflor continues to gain recognition internationally. In January 2005, the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) and Gerflor agreed that Taraflex will be used for every FIVB-sanctioned competition and event worldwide for four years. Taraflex synthetic floors are designed for safety and comfort. Their multi-layered construction includes 100 percent pure vinyl, a reinforced fiberglass grid and closed-cell foam backing to provide shock absorption, help fight fatigue and deliver consistent ball bounce. Product treatments ensure easy maintenance, stain resistance, and prevention of mold and bacteria growth. Taraflex floors meet and exceed stringent performance standards mandated by major flooring associations.

Taraflex Sports Flooring by Gerflor: 800-727-7505

Wheelchair Fitness Machine

RMT Fitness manufactures the VitaGlide: a revolutionary cardiovascular wheelchair fitness machine that raises the bar for seated fitness programs. Using a linear, push-pull movement, the VitaGlide increases range of motion and involves more muscle groups, resulting in a more effective and efficient workout when compared to traditional ergometers. Use of the VitaGlide helps tone the upper body and rehabilitate sore or damaged shoulders, while providing a phenomenal cardiovascular workout. VitaGlide Pro is perfect for physical-therapy centers, rehabilitation clinics and commercial gyms.

RMT Fitness: 800-577-4424