Building Bridges

Tim Kris, founder and CEO of Bridge BuildersTM in Franklin, N.C., built the company's first trestle-type timber bridge in 1978. At 130 feet long and 30 feet high, it spanned an environmentally sensitive ravine and is still in use today—durable, economical and beautiful—an example of why timber bridges are enjoying a renaissance through applications developed by Bridge Builders. Bridge Builders' portfolio has grown considerably since 1978. Bridge BuildersTM is the premier U.S. timber-bridge contractor, providing innovative and environmentally conscious construction of custom timber vehicular bridges, public-access boardwalk complexes and light-duty bridges for public trails and golf courses.

Bridge Builders: 800-874-9403

Soft: The New Firm

The new Soft Foam Roller from Power Systems shows that you can have high quality in a variety of firmness levels. The blue-and-green-striped Soft Foam Roller is a pliable and contouring, yet supportive, tool for self-myofascial release, stretching, body awareness, balance and dynamic strength training. Softer than traditional foam rollers, it is ideal for use with children, older adults and rehab patients. Easy on the joints and skin, and retains its round shape even under continued use. Made of heat-sealed, closed-cell EVA foam, the 36-inch-long Soft Foam Roller will not trap moisture, odors or bacteria, and can easily be cleaned.

Power Systems: 800-321-6975 Ext. 209

Remote Cleaner Control

The invention people at Water Tech are excited to introduce their new Wireless RF (radio frequency) remote control for automatic cleaners. The new control allows a facility or service professional to drive the robot/cleaner to turn right or left, move forward and reverse. The control offers a four-hour "stand-by" delay so cleaning can start up to four hours after the remote is engaged. The control allows a facility to choose between two cycle times and algorithms for the type and time it will take the machine to automatically clean the pool.

Water Tech Corporation: 800-298-8800

Drains Away

Quaker Plastic Corporation offers the new Deck-Drain-A-Way® system II, which moves 17 percent more water than regular deck drains. A full 3-1/2 inches high by 1-1/4 inches wide, the system is designed to minimize floating in concrete. No deep trenches are required and it adapts to all standard 1-1/2-inch plastic fittings. The Deck-Drain-A-Way® system II is also a full expansion and contraction joint and a screed for the concrete finisher. Double-taped top provides extra strength when peeling off after concrete is in place. Smooth, concave top surface minimizes collection of dirt and debris. Available in black, gray, white or tan/sandstone.

Quaker Plastic Corporation: 717-285-4571

Chlorine Creation

The new Clor TecTM generator provides safe, on-site generation of chlorine (sodium hypochlorite) using simply salt, water and electricity. The system produces a 0.8 percent hypochlorite solution that flows into a storage tank, and a metering pump delivers the disinfectant to an ejection point in the return line to the pool. The Clor TecTM system eliminates the risks associated with traditional storage, transportation and handling of bulk chlorine, as well as the health hazards associated with chlorine gas fumes.

Advanced Control Logix: 530-389-9020


Heronrib, U.S.-manufactured in Alabama, brings together barefoot comfort and slip resistance with the peace of mind of Sanitized® brand additives, which provide renowned antibacterial and antifungal protection. Like all Plastex Matting products, Heronrib is an extremely durable PVC extrusion that provides years of hard-wearing indoor/outdoor use with the added benefit of comfort that is ideal for barefoot areas. The wide-spaced grid design takes large volumes of water and quickly channels them away to maintain a stable surface. Heronrib comes in five colors and is shipped in 33-foot-long rolls in widths of 2, 3 or 4 feet.

Plastex Matting Inc.: 256-845-7725