Taller Towers

The past year or two, all of the big playground manufacturers have been touting their abilities. Come see what Safeplay Systems has been designing and building for nearly a decade. When you design your playground with Safeplay Systems, you not only get Towers of Fun, but a playground that will last a lifetime, with a 50-year warranty. Bring your own idea, or ask Safeplay to assist—either way your playground will be built to meet ASTM, CPSC and ADA requirements.

Safeplay Systems: 800-260-7218

Creative Climbing

WingWalls are independent climbing structures 6 feet tall by 8 feet long, with climbing on both sides. Mounted on a central pole, these revolutionary walls can be reoriented any time by staff into new, locked positions, creating a fresh playground. They have climbable features, grab rings at each end that encourage movement between wings, optional colors and 32 modular holds with custom anti-spin technology. The surface is roto-molded UV-resistant polyethylene with a galvanized steel structure. Brewer's Ledge Inc. has been designing innovative climbing walls for over 13 years, built to strict ASTM and CPSC requirements.

Brewer’s Ledge Inc.: 800-707-9616

Green Play

As a leading manufacturer of Recycled Plastic Play Systems, Play Mart celebrates 25 years of designing and manufacturing creative, age-group-specific play systems (from 6 months to 12 years), fitness equipment, swings, site amenities and ADA-accessible components that meet and exceed current safety standards. All equipment is made from 100-percent HDPE; Recycled Structural Plastic (RSP) is virtually maintenance-free—no rusting, splintering, splitting, staining, painting or sanding. Play Mart playgrounds are bona fide "green" products manufactured by a woman-owned small business.

Play Mart Inc.: 800-43-PLAYS (437-5297)

Dig It

The new BCI Burke Little Buddies® Bulldozer digs deep into children's imaginations as they pretend they are creating a playground of their own. This distinct design promotes play on seven different events for ages 2 to 5. Supported by the longest and strongest warranty in the industry: 100-year limited coverage on steel posts and stainless hardware, and 15-year limited coverage on decks, loops, rungs and plastics.

BCI Burke: 800-356-2070

Imagination Stimulation

RevBuilder is the true maintenance-free system comprised of molded post covers and platforms. No foam padding or polyester netting. Easy adult access and ADA-accessible to the top level to provide play for everyone. From Medieval to Frontier or Jungle Safari, children will have imaginative fun while playing on these units.

Soft Play LLC: 888-752-9582

Safety Underfoot

Looking for a playground surfacing option that's safe, clean, economical and environmentally friendly? Miracle's Play TerrainTM Rubber Crumb is a smart, colorful, nontoxic alternative to traditional surfaces. It won't splinter, attract insects or stain, and it's softer than sand, but tough enough to withstand the whims of Mother Nature's elements. Available in six vibrant colors, Play TerrainTM will enhance the appearance of your playground while meeting all ADA and ASTM safety standards. It's one of the hippest surfacing options around.

Miracle Recreation by PlayPower: 888-458-2752

Exploration Inspiration

HAGS UniPlay, developed for children ages 5 to 12, is a fantastic source of inspiration for physical activity. Playgrounds that attract children and encourage them to watch, touch, explore and play also arouse their understanding of shapes, colors and beauty, and help develop growing bodies and social skills. Exciting new play features, such as Maze, Rondo and DuckWalk, ensure fun and excitement. HAGS UniMini creates endless possibilities for children ages 2 to 5 and offers a complete range of play that takes various phases of age, growth and challenge into consideration. In the universe of UniMini, fantasy can become reality.

HAGS USA: 888-458-2752

Infinity and Beyond

The next generation of the Infinity from Little Tikes Commercial has arrived. Three Infinity play components come together to create one of the most innovative play events around the Infinity Wave, the Infinity Climber and the Infinity Pads. Users can reach the web's pinnacle by snaking through the vertically stacked Infinity pads or scale the challenging internal climbing net that connects all points of play.

Little Tikes Commerical by PlayPower: 800-325-8828