Treadmill manufacturer Woodway has developed a longer-life running surface that will last more than 200,000 miles without a single belt change. In conjunction with this innovation comes an industry-exclusive seven-year running surface wear warranty. Woodway Treadmills are best known for their unique rubberized slat design that utilizes a ball bearing transportation system to alleviate friction and wear, resulting in a comfortable, long-lasting, efficient design.

Woodway USA Inc.: 800-WOODWAY

Row, Row, Row

Thousands of people have discovered rowing—a great low-impact, full-body workout. Rowing works many muscle groups through a wide range of motion. It's this full-body muscle involvement that makes rowing a great calorie burner and helps users develop flexibility and strength. The Model E Indoor Rower boasts enhanced technological features and a more accessible 20-inch seat height—6 inches higher than Concept2's Model D. A rugged, double-coated frame, rechargeable battery and nickel-plated chain minimize maintenance. The PM4 monitor makes rowing fun with games, wireless heart rate monitoring and racing capabilities.

Concept2: 800-245-5676

A New Angle

The Legend Fitness Pro Series Self Adjusting 3-Way Bench is a premier adjustable bench. One simple pop pin adjusts the back and seat pads simultaneously. The bench adjusts from 0 to 90 degrees with minimal spacing between the seat and back pad. Curved-edge diamond-plate footplates give the Pro Series Bench a dynamic and innovative look. Legend Fitness is making exercise easy, so users can focus on their workouts and not on complicated equipment.

Legend Fitness: 866-7-LEGEND

Fit for All

The VitaGlide Pro was developed by RMT Fitness to provide a safe and effective workout for people with disabilities. Using its unique V-shaped linear tracking, the VitaGlide workout focuses on three different areas. The pushing and pulling motion strengthens both sides of the shoulders to balance the joint and prevent injury and pain. The trunk rotation that results from the "V" design works the stomach muscles. The resistance control provides a great cardio workout. The VitaGlide Pro is designed for a commercial application, such as a rehabilitation center, gym, health club or wellness center.

RMT Fitness: 800-577-4424


FitLinxx, technology for starting, managing and maintaining active and healthy lifestyles, gives facilities a powerful foundation upon which success is built and fitness goals are achieved. FitLinxx solutions provide the necessary exercise software tools for organizations and individuals to be successful in attaining proper exercise habits with interactive coaching, data collection, workout tracking, continuous motivation and providing important information for staff to connect with members. FitLinxx not only bridges the gap between your facility and the community, but can also assist with building partnerships.

FitLinxx: 866-316-5151

Save Big

If you have any outdated, damaged or unattractive equipment, you're doing a disservice to your customers and your bottom line. In these economic times and conditions, you may not be able to afford new equipment, but you can't afford not to upgrade. Fit4sale's revolutionary remanufacturing process can save you 40 percent to 60 percent off of equipment purchases. Fit4sale scours the country for the best models and completely rebuilds them to factory specifications. The piece is sand-blasted and powder-coated. The gears, cable bearings, upholstery, grips, decals and even electronics get replaced. The end result is a fully remanufactured piece of equipment that looks, feels and operates like new for half the price.

Fit4sale: 800-396-4348

Fitness Zones

TriActive America was chosen for five parks in California's San Gabriel Valley. The installation of TriActive America's outdoor fitness equipment at these parks resulted from a partnership of The Trust for Public Land, Los Angeles County and Kaiser Permanente. Called a "Fitness Zone Program," five additional zones are planned in the area. In addition to its reputation of providing high-quality, durable outdoor exercise products, TriActive America recently announced it has taken on the challenge of producing environmentally friendly fitness equipment. All types of exercise products are available from TriActive, including cardiovascular (such as ellipticals and treadmills), strength-training (such as the leg press) and flexibility/coordination equipment (such as balance beams and stretching products).

TriActive America: 805-595-1005

Knee Needs

Quantum Fitness' Power Quad is a revolutionary machine to aid in rehabilitation of knee injuries. Unlike a leg press, the Power Quad offers a closed kinetic way to isolate the quadriceps for fully functional rehabilitation of knee injuries, or to purely exercise the quadriceps. The specially designed Power Quad was built with comfort and functionality in mind. The patented pivot seat design locks the hip angle for complete isolation of the quadriceps. EMG testing shows there is greater muscle activation achieved by Power Quad than done with a leg extension. The degree of knee flexion can easily be controlled by the simple seat back adjustment. The non-encumbered walk-in design makes entry and exit trouble-free.

Quantum Fitness: 800-937-2282