Lights On

SOL Inc.'s new 20/20TM Solar LED Lighting System is a complete LED lighting system that exceeds other solar lights, and leads the outdoor lighting industry in terms of performance, aesthetics, economics and sustainability. With its distinctive form and engineered optical performance, 20/20 directs light efficiently for the best lighting. The 20/20 Light increases pole spacing and lighting uniformity, simplifying installation with a solar pole for maximum return on investment and a reduced cost of ownership.

SOL Inc.: 800-959-1329

A Healthier Washroom

Bradley's new line of washroom accessories are armed with antimicrobial protection to help customers guard against harmful microbes and create healthier washroom environments. The accessories are designed to inhibit the growth of bacteria and other microbes including E. coli and MRSA, beginning when the microorganisms first come into contact with the product's surface. The antimicrobial protection lasts the lifetime of the products, so the resilient protection never wears or washes away. In addition to providing complete protection against bacteria, mold, mildew and fungus, the accessories offer outstanding durability and quality.

Bradley Corp.: 800-BRADLEY (272-3539)

Home Run

Markers Inc. has developed a faster method of installing bases for baseball fields. The old way of installing bases involved making wooden forms, mixing and pouring concrete, placing the female anchor and waiting for it to cure. The pre-assembled MarkSmartTM Anchor Foundation offers groundskeepers a no mess, no fuss, time-saving way to install bases. The pre-assembled, recycled rubber base with metal anchor is ready to install, and eliminates hours of costly labor while alleviating the risks associated with carrying cumbersome and heavy products and equipment onto the field.

Markers Inc.: 800-969-5920

Fully Functional

Perform Better introduces the latest Functional Training Station designed to provide endless exercise opportunities. The MoveStrong FTS Club Rack is ideal for group functional training workouts and can accommodate eight to 12 users at one time. This rack has multiple options for traditional bodyweight exercises such as pull-ups, push-ups, monkey bars, inverted rows, step-up and dips, while also providing safe and secure anchor points for suspension devices, bands and training ropes. Also includes two ground rotational trainers to add a new dimension to core training.

Perform Better: 800-556-7464