Drink Up

Now there is a Trough Style pet fountain for your pet park. This drinking fountain provides a gathering place for tail-wagging and thirst-quenching for the canine crowd. Multiple-usage space makes it pet-friendly. Incredible low maintenance due to the trough design makes it people-friendly. And, it is environmentally sound and sturdy. The Model 850 SMSS comes standard in stainless steel and 17 colors.

Most Dependable Fountains, Inc.: 800-552-6331

Hail to the Dogs

Dog parks generate more outdoor recreation for the investment than almost any other activity in your parks. Why not make your dog park more of a destination with agility equipment and site furniture from Dog-On-It-Parks? Choose from more than a dozen innovative dog park exercise components, and a wide variety of specialized dog park furnishings like fire hydrants, benches, dog drinking fountains, pick-up bag dispensers and more.

dog-on-it-parks: 877-348-3647