Get Groomed

Maintain the playability and safety your athletes deserve with Kromer's Conditioner Groomer. In one pass, tines with adjustable pressure decompact the infill, a magnet collects debris, brushes straighten fibers and break up clumps, then a drag mat levels bumps, creating a field of uniform density. The Appearance Groomer prepares the field with soft natural brushes, straightens grass blades and pressurized fluid drives the infill back into the field to support the blades for exceptional appearance.

Kromer Company: 800-373-0337

Get Compacted

BOMAG's versatile BVP Series single-direction plate compactors are durably designed for superior performance on a variety of jobs, from soil or asphalt compaction to paver and patio installation. Powered by air-cooled Honda gasoline engines equipped with low oil alert, the BVP Series plate compactors are built to withstand the rigors of daily use. The BVP Series includes two models, the BVP10/36 and the BVP18/45, which cover a working width of 14.2 inches and 17.7 inches, delivering 2,250 pounds and 4,050 pounds of centrifugal force, respectively.

BOMAG Americas Inc.: 800-782-6624

On the Edge

ACO Sport's Safety Edge Drainage System has a soft spot for athletes. TPE rubber edge helps protect against injuries. The system is available on ACO System 2000, 3000 and 4000 and features a PE rubber edge that is soft and safe to help reduce injury to athletes. It is integrally cast into the polymer concrete to prevent delamination. Weather resistance ensures a long service life.

ACO Polymer Products Inc.: 800-543-4764

Fit to Be Trimmed

The ECHO SRM-266T trimmer features 50 percent more cutting torque than standard ECHO trimmers, making it ideal for trimming and cutting in thick, regional grasses and dense weeds. The SRM-266T features a powerful, smooth-running 25.4cc professional-grade two-stroke engine. An engine vibration reduction system with padded handles increases operator comfort. Additional features include a 59-inch, 4-layer flex cable drive to provide additional strength, 16.9-ounce see-through fuel tank for long run time and debris shield with built-in cut-off knife.

ECHO Inc.: 800-432-ECHO

On the Mound

The New Mound Gauge allows a mound to be built from scratch as well as to check for proper slope. The powder coated gauge is made of 1 ˝-inch metal square tubing with calibrated drop-down bars every 1 inch to indicate the proper slope for a regulation pitchers mound. The pivot point is 18 inches in front of the rubber and 1 inch below grade of the rubber. The front portion of the gauge can be set by a skid or a wheel. Gauge also has an attached level with adjustable leg to set proper slope.

Athletic Field Design: 503-698-6383

Water Spout

The Font 'N-Aire fountain line from Air-O-Lator is comprised of four fountains: the Legacy, Gulf Stream, Ready and the Platinum. The line offers both aerating and decorative fountains. Customers can choose among several spray patterns and horsepower options depending on the need of the application. Air-O-Lator exclusively uses Franklin Electric Submersible motors that are stainless steel and eco-friendly. Easy to install, maintain and upgrade.

Air-O-Lator: 800-821-3177

Power Up

The Turf Teq Model 1305PR1 Power Rake features a 13hp Honda® engine, fully hydrostatic forward/reverse transmission, differential lock and multi-use attachment interchangeability. The Power Rake is the perfect tool for all types of seedbed preparation and turf renovation. The 36-inch wide drum can be angled left or right from the operator position. The multi use capability allows the Power Rake to be converted into a Power Edger, Power Broom, Brush Cutter or Plow for all-season use.

Turf Teq: 866-503-8873

Let It Rain

Netafim USA introduces Apollo Disc-Kleen Filters, new high-capacity water filtration systems designed for use with both dripline and overhead irrigation on sports fields, parks and recreational centers. Apollo Disc-Kleen Filters ensure that only debris-free water enters the irrigation lines for efficient operation and healthier plant life. Featuring a multi-level filtration process, Apollo removes sand, particles, algae and other organic materials from water sources such as lakes, ponds, reservoirs, canals, rivers and reclaimed water systems.

Netafim USA: 800-695-4753