The Right Nozzle

Underhill's new Magnum UltraMax, a heavy-duty variable flow hose-end nozzle, is designed for use on sports fields, parks, playgrounds and other public areas. Featuring robust "firefighter quality" construction, UltraMax nozzles are used for infield conditioning and as a hand-watering supplement for dry, patchy turf. The nozzles are also practical for stadium and playground wash-downs and equipment cleanups. UltraMax is offered in four models.

Underhill: 866-863-3744

Extreme Trimming

Reengineered from the ground up, the T254 offers a 2/4-stroke engine—for the extreme user. The T254 provides remarkable torque to the lower end and great fuel economy. The Shindaiwa T254 uses exclusive 2/4-stroke engine technology to provide lower emissions, better fuel consumption, more torque and a low tone sound, Speed-Feed® head and comfortable rubber over-mold grips.

Shindaiwa: 877-9-TORQUE

A New Cut

Progressive Tri-deck roller mowers are available in 12- to 22-foot cutting widths and feature full-length rollers on each deck, making them ideal for golf courses, sports turf and polo fields. They provide a professional after-cut appearance as they both smooth and stripe the turf for a pleasing visual impact. Divot re-growth is improved through better root-to-soil contact from the passing rollers.

Progressive Turf Equipment: 800-668-8873