Equipment Supply

Heying Company manufactures a full line of quality equipment for infields, turf and off-field maintenance: Infield Groomers that repair and maintain infields; Turf Groomers for natural and artificial turf; Off Field maintenance equipment for driveways, parking lots, yards and more. Save time and labor with Heying Company's easy-to-use equipment. Pull with a variety of towing machines.

Heying Company: 712-756-8847

Need for Speed?

Dixie Chopper's 2015 XCaliber series is the speed machine you need to get the job done fast and efficiently. The XCaliber can mow more than 6 acres an hour and reach a ground speed of 13 mph. Equipped with Kawasaki FX, Vanguard and fuel-efficient Kohler EFI engine options, the XCaliber screams pure power. The XCaliber now comes with three deck sizes (60-, 66- and 74-inch) to bring you more speed, power and performance.

Dixie Chopper: 765-246-7737

Effective Nutrients

The advanced polymer coating of Spread It & Forget It® Controlled-Release Fertilizer makes it possible for park supervisors and sports turf managers to reduce the number of fertilizer applications without sacrificing turf health and appearance. This single-application fertilizer saves time, fuel and labor costs while freeing up crews to tackle other projects.

Koch Agronomic Services: 866-863-5550

Spread or Spray

TurfEx offers the RS7200 Spread-N-Spray self-propelled spreader/sprayer combination unit, boasting high-capacity, superior material application and high-performance handling. The Spread-N-Spray is powered by a 200cc Honda GX200 engine with a 2:1 ratio gear reducer. Its heavy-duty transmission includes two forward gears, plus neutral and reverse. The unit comes with a hand-operated transmission disc brake, as well as a foot-controlled sulky band brake. The large-capacity hopper accommodate 150 pound, or 3 cubic feet, of material, which can be spread up to 11 feet wide.

Turfex: 866-5TURFEX (588-7339)

Reach for It

The 32-inch Multi-Reacher extends your reach up to 32 inches for trash pickup, hard-to-reach objects and retrieving items from water or bushes. Its advanced ergonomic design, handle and trigger area lets the heel of the hand and fingers remain in a more natural position, helping to ensure comfort during repetitive use. Industrial rust-proof aluminum and stainless construction keep the Reacher like new while providing durability for longevity. Built-in hanging ring in handle allows for convenient storage and retrieval.

IDM Worldwide: 800-950-7885

Reliable Choice

Having reliable equipment is a key component to giving your grounds a neat, professional appearance. STEC Equipment carries superior first-rate equipment from brands like Trilo, Reist and RotaDairon. The full line of specialty attachments have innovative features that increase productivity, maximize performance and minimize downtime. From professional landscapers to property owners, trust STEC Equipment for all your grounds maintenance and landscaping needs.

STEC Equipment: 888-325-2532

Beautiful Beds

The revolutionary ECHO BRD-280 Bed Redefiner is designed to help shape flower bed edges that have rounded over time and help keep grassy areas looking manicured with well-defined bed edges. The BRD-280 is lighter and easier to use than current wheeled products, and it's up to seven times faster than a shovel. It features ECHO's 28.1cc professional-grade two-stroke engine for plenty of cutting power, ergonomic rubber left and right handle grips, a 59-inch straight shaft with flex cable drive and more.

ECHO Inc.: 800-432-ECHO (3246)

Power Rake

The Turf Teq Model 1305PR1 Power Rake features a 13hp Honda® engine, fully hydrostatic forward/reverse transmission, differential lock and multi-use attachment interchangeability. The Power Rake is the perfect tool for all types of seedbed preparation and turf renovation. The 36-inch wide drum can be angled left or right from the operator position. The multi-use capability allows the Power Rake to be converted into a Power Edger, Power Broom, Brush Cutter or Plow for all-season use.

Turf Teq: 866-503-8873