Friendly Reminders

Pet waste is an aesthetic and environmental problem. Encourage the proper disposal of pet waste by putting an educational message where it will do the most good. Colorful Doo Dot™ das Curb Markers can be installed on just about any flat non-soil surface (concrete and asphalt) using your choice of das Adhesive. Stock and Custom Markers are available. Doo Dots will serve as a visible yet unobtrusive reminder to pet owners for years to come.

das Manufacturing Inc.: 800-549-6024

A Place for Waste

Most Dependable Fountains Inc.™ introduces the all new Pet Waste Station. Model 395 SM holds a total of 1,200 waste bags with a 10-gallon trash receptacle and is available in 16 different colors. Need to purchase replacement bags for this unit? No problem. You can purchase online through the part store or give Most Dependable a call to have the bags shipped within one business day.

Most Dependable Fountains Inc.: 800-552-6331