Fast-Track Fun

Waterslides are a great addition to pools and aquatic facilities with goals to increase attendance and keep guests on site longer. Vortex Aquatic Structures offers a complete line of standard and custom waterslide configurations designed for all ages and rider levels. With slide solutions available for both indoor and outdoor applications, for new construction or to refurbish an existing structure, Vortex can accommodate your specific site conditions and capacity requirements. Choose from open, enclosed or combined designs.

Vortex Aquatic Structures International: 877-586-7839

Weight Limit?

SR Scales builds weighing systems designed for today's high thrill rides and slides. The Go/No Go light systems can be set to meet specific weight requirements. Freestanding or flush mount scales can accommodate from one to six riders. New for 2017, SR's Waterpark Scales are available in four colors. An optional second light system allows a single scale to have two different weight settings.

SR Instruments Inc.: 716-693-5977

Measure Up

The new Mobile WaterLink® Spin Touch™ water analysis lab is designed to be used by pool operators and service professionals. The precise photometer can measure 10 different tests in just 60 seconds to obtain perfect water chemistry. All the test results can be viewed on the touchscreen or can be transferred into the DataMate water analysis program.

LaMotte Co.: 800-344-3100

Cost-Effective Fun

Mason's closed-flume poly waterslides are both attractive and affordable. Turnkey pricing includes: design, manufacturing, shipping and installation. No surprises. Mason Water Slides have a unique tower deck design that negates the need for stairs. Participants are totally enclosed throughout the ascent and descent, making it the safest in the industry.

Mason Corporation: 800-821-4141

Endless Ways to Play

Featuring an adaptable footprint, Activity Towers take water play to new heights in any space—from a zero-depth splash pad to an aquatic pool. Its modular system of activity pods, slide flumes and full range of spray features create an immersive adventure packed with interactive fun. Spacious play decks, ADA-compliant entries and dynamic spray effects on and around the tower prioritize inclusive experiences to ensure everyone gets to play at their own level.

Waterplay Solutions Corporation: 800-590-5552

Intense Ride

King Cobra is a gorgeous waterslide that offers one of the most intense riding experiences of the industry, while providing visual impact and spectator appeal. The core feature of the patent-pending King Cobra is its unique configuration that enables two double tubes to race through a circular path with twists, turns and surprises. The heart-pounding ride continues as riders experience the dropoff of their lives, racing and entering into the snake's valley at the same time.

Polin Waterparks: 90-262-656-64-67

Splash & Putt

Introducing SplashGolf™, water mini golf on a splash pad, taking the game itself and players into an interactive water environment. SplashGolf fills the age-old need to balance passive and active water attractions that most age groups, from young children to seniors, can enjoy. It is a new activity that can divert or shrink long queue lines at other attractions and can be either a revenue producer or amenity that can be used either wet or dry.

Adventure Golf Services: 888-725-4FUN

Interactive Water Play

For more than 30 years, WhiteWater has been making the world's leading interactive water play structures. Generations of children have experienced the fun and excitement of tipping buckets, waterslides and splash features at municipal splash pads and far-flung waterparks. An industry trailblazer, WhiteWater is excited to introduce a reimagining of interactive water play structures—AquaForms! Come see the future of interactive play this September at Booth 3238 at NRPA New Orleans.

WhiteWater West: 604-273-1068