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Photo Courtesy of National Swimming Pool Foundation

Photo Courtesy of National
Swimming Pool Foundation


NSPF, APSP Unite to Form Pool & Hot Tub Alliance

Recently the National Swimming Pool Foundation and Association of Pool & Spa Professionals announced that they will come together to form the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance. The boards of directors of both organizations approved the unification in January, and work is now being done to establish structure, operations and governance, with the goal of officially beginning operations on April 1. With the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance as the umbrella, the new organization looks to lead advocacy, promotions and alliances within the industry.

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Water Odyssey - Creating Compelling Aquatic Play Experiences


Park Service Announces $48.5 Million in Hurricane Assistance

The National Park Service announced $48.5 million in supplemental assistance grants to help historic resources recover in areas affected by hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria in 2017.

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USA Football Grant Program Applications Open

Youth, middle school and high school football programs may apply through March 13 for USA Football's equipment grant program, offering $1.5 million in resources to benefit young athletes.

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NRPA Introduces Parks for Inclusion Policy Guide

In an effort to promote inclusion in parks and recreation centers across the country, the National Recreation and Park Association introduces a best practice guide for park and recreation agencies to develop a formal inclusion policy.

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Park Service Accepting Proposals for Historic Revitalization Subgrants

The National Park Service is accepting applications for $5 million in grants to support the preservation of historic buildings in rural communities through the Historic Revitalization Subgrant Program.

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Lincolnway Special Recreation Association to Host National Wheelchair Basketball Tournaments

Lincolnway Special Recreation Association has been selected to host two separate National Wheelchair Basketball Association championship tournaments in March.

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Vantage - Tablet Feeders for Any Size Pool


Drowning Prevention Tools

Drowning Prevention Tools

According to the 2019 Aquatics Industry Report, a majority of respondents from all types of facilities rely on lifeguards to prevent drowning at their facilities. They were led by Ys, where 100 percent of respondents said a lifeguard is on duty. They were followed by colleges (99.1 percent), schools (97.6 percent), parks (95.2 percent), rec centers (91.1 percent) and camps (78.4 percent).

Among many facilities, life preservers were required for less skilled centers. This includes 82.5 percent of Ys, 54.1 percent of colleges, 53.7 percent of schools, 51.8 percent of rec centers, 50.3 percent of parks and 47.1 percent of camps.

Safety devices, such as those that are worn and sound an alarm when submerged, or video or other in-pool detection were less commonly used. Respondents from Ys were the most likely to use such tools.

Camp respondents were the most likely to report that they used none of these methods to prevent drowning. Some 7.8 percent of camp respondents said they did not use any of these drowning detection methods.

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Take It Year-Round: Structure Solutions to Protect Your Programs From Mother Nature

Expanding access to swimming and sports programs often means constructing an enclosure to contain those programs during inclement weather. Alternative structure solutions make it simple.

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Upgrading Locks to Improve the Locker Room Experience

Simple upgrades in the locker room can make a big impression. Changing to single-use locks can have a big impact on managing your locker rooms, as well as the way users perceive your facility.

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A Splashing Good Time

In late September 2018, an amazing new splash park was completed in the river valley of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, featuring visual appeal, inclusivity and eco-friendly recirculation.

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Swimming Toward Wellness: Expand Aquatic Programming With a Focus on Fitness

Plenty of research has shown that working out and relaxing in the water can provide a wellness boost. Here, we talked to experts about adding wellness programming at aquatic facilities, to the benefit of all.

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Managing a Cutting-Edge Aquatic Center

When it comes to operating an aquatic center on the cutting edge, ensuring great customer service is one key to pleasing the public.

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