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A World of Play

Trends in Playground Planning & Design

Supplement Feature - April 2017

From inclusive playspaces that give kids of all abilities a chance to play alongside one another to custom-designed playgrounds that take a locality's history, culture or geology into account and beyond, playground designers and manufacturers continue to raise the bar.

Encourage Risk, But Safely

Playground Safety From Concept to Completion and Beyond

Feature Article - January 2017

Ensuring kids on the playground are as safe as possible begins with smart planning and playground design, but it doesn't stop there. Proper supervision and continual attention to maintenance are also crucial.

The Playground Checkup

Safe, Long-Lasting Playgrounds Require Standardized Maintenance Practices

Feature Article - November 2016

Playground maintenance should be regular and standardized if you want to ensure your play equipment is in safe and proper working order.

Create a Unique Playground

Problem Solver - August 2016

What's more, you don't necessarily need to start from scratch. Playground manufacturers know that unique designs make for popular playgrounds and offer a wide variety of customizable play elements.

Expand Learning Beyond the Classroom

Problem Solver - August 2016

Play provides real-life lessons, such as experiencing group processes of thought, evaluating risks and making decisions. These lessons prepare kids for adulthood. Through playful exploration and experience, children develop skills and knowledge that can't be taught in a classroom.

Increase Lifecycle of Engineered Wood Fiber

Problem Solver - August 2016

It is important to top off the surface occasionally, adding more wood fiber to maintain proper protection. Be sure to inspect the surface regularly. Rake the fiber to keep the surface level and remove any foreign objects.

Play On!

Evolving Trends & Innovations in Playground Design

Feature Article - July 2016

Playgrounds have come a long way since their inception, with huge advances in safety, as well as increasingly creative solutions that get kids moving and having fun.

It's Elementary

Use Color & Structure to Enhance the Playground Experience

Web Exclusive - July 2016

The best playgrounds serve an aesthetic purpose while providing the surrounding community with a much needed center of growth and development for children of all ages.


A Bridge to Play
Magical Bridge Playground in Palo Alto, Calif.

Facility Profile - May 2016

When one mother noticed a dearth of accessible playgrounds in her area, she decided to start raising funds. The result has been called the most accessible playground in the world.

A Playground for (All) the Ages

Bring Your Community Together With Fun And Fitness for Everyone

Supplement Feature - April 2016

These days, many of us are living longer. And longer lives means more seniors to serve in our communities, and a broader range of active ages and interests and abilities to engage. While playgrounds will almost always be focused on children, more communities are finding ways to encourage play across all generations.