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Inclusive Play

Design Guide Offers Methods for Outdoor Play Spaces

Before You Go - September 2012

"The Inclusive Play Design Guide (IPDG) is a practical tool that outlines specific ways landscape architects, community leaders and committed professionals in the recreation industry can create outdoor play environments that everyone can enjoy," said Ian Proud, research manager for the company. "The IPDG offers inspiration, education and solutions for the journey toward inclusive outdoor play."

Build a Unique Playground

Problem Solver - August 2012

How can you find the theme that works best for your playground? Think about your community and what makes it unique. Some communities choose a theme that reflects local cultural heritage or something unique about the region's geology. For example, a town might choose play elements that reflect a Western theme, a farming theme or even a dinosaur dig. The only limit is your imagination when you choose to customize your playground.

Create Inclusive Play Opportunities

Problem Solver - August 2012

Creating playgrounds that are inclusive for children of all abilities—as well as their caretakers—need not be a challenge. But to make a playground truly inclusive does require a design that surpasses the technical requirements.

Keep Your Play Spaces Green

Problem Solver - August 2012

Doing your homework now ensures that play spaces will be as green as the grass surrounding your playground for generations to come.

Select a Surface for Long-Term Safety

Problem Solver - August 2012

Generally, owners ask the surface manufacturer for the third-party test reports that show the safety performance numbers achieved by that surface. After this, there is typically no verification that the actual installed surface has achieved these same measurements. In fact, many surfaces do not meet standards within just a few short years—sometimes even immediately—after installation.

Boost Activity on the Playground

Problem Solver - August 2012

You can easily get kids up off the couch and moving again. Playgrounds are a natural fit that ensure plenty of activity.

Choose the Right Safety Surface

Problem Solver - August 2012

Many playground owners rely on loose fill, including wood chips, sand, wood fiber or rubber mulch. These types of surfaces typically come with a lower initial cost. However, you should be aware that proper maintenance is required to ensure the fill remains at the proper depth to protect children from injuries. Rubber mulch offers some benefits over wood, in that it does not create dust, decompose, rot, absorb water, displace or attract insects in the same way that wood chips can. And, you can even find bonded rubber mulch that acts more like a unitary surface, and requires much less maintenance than typical loose-fill applications.

A Miracle for Joplin

New Playgrounds Set Up at Cunningham Park

Web Exclusive - August 2012

Nearly a year after a devastating tornado ploughed through Joplin, Mo., replacement playgrounds are making their way, thanks to the help of volunteers and a dedicated playground manufacturer.

Maintenance & Operations: Playgrounds

Playgrounds and Sense of Place

Feature Article - July 2012

No longer the simple structures of the past, playgrounds can help establish a sense of place and more, all while encouraging kids to get active.


The Value of Play
Developing Meaningful Play Opportunities Through Research

Guest Column - July 2012

Play experts have been learning a lot about all the positive effects playtime can have for children—mentally, emotionally and physically.