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Accessing Play

Guest Column - May 2012

It can be difficult to stay on top of all the requirements for accessible play. This handy guide from IPEMA covers all the ADA bases to be sure you get it done right.

Go Play!

Vibrant Colors, Exciting Layouts Capture Interest

Supplement Feature - April 2012

In New Mexico's North Las Cruces Park, a bigger-than-life scorpion suns itself on an outcropping at the edge of the new playground equipment, offering kids the opportunity to climb on an arachnid they're normally careful to avoid. "We wanted something with interest," said Mark Johnston, director of Parks and Recreation for the City of Las Cruces. "Something that blended with the desert, and yet stood out in the desert." That connection with the surrounding landscape and flavor of the community is becoming more popular, and it's one of Johnston's hallmarks. "I tend to do things that really fit the area…and I think this nailed it." Dismissing what he called "cookie cutter-type playgrounds," Johnston instead opted for a concept that grabbed kids' interest. "When our children go to a park, I want them really to say, 'Wow.'" His team also erected an adobe-style fort wall that sits between the scorpion and the rest of the playground structures, creating an appealing visual effect that makes the park feel simultaneously more spacious and interactive.

Imagine This

The Imagination Learning Park at The Boys & Girls Club of Bristol, Conn.

Facility Profile - April 2012

Located next to a Boys & Girls Club and a popular children's museum, this new park and playground takes imagination to new heights.

Safe and Secure

Balancing Safety and Fun on the Playground

Feature Article - March 2012

No matter how carefully a playground is designed, children will still fall and can potentially get hurt. Close attention to safety standards, especially the surface beneath the equipment, will help keep kids safer.


A Seasoned Approach to Playground Safety
Keeping Kids Safe in Every Season

Guest Column - February 2012

Loose-fill surfacing, especially wood mulch, is very popular, largely due to its lower initial cost. But if you're employing such a solution at your playground, you need to be aware of the impact winter's deep freeze can have on safety.

Memories & Dreams

A Playground Comes to Tucson

Web Exclusive - February 2012

A little more than a year has passed since Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was critically injured by a gunshot wound to the head. Also in attendance at the meeting with constituents was 9-year-old Christina Taylor-Green, who was shot and killed as she stood in line to meet Giffords. Now, Tucson children have a new place to play, and to honor Christina.

Finding the Way to Fun

Big Ideas to Help Create Your Superior Playground

Feature Article - November 2011

From intergenerational access and nature-inspired play to custom elements, there are myriad trends that affect playground design. Find out more about these trends, and read about play spaces that are putting them into action.

Safe at Home

Finding Safe Surfaces for Playgrounds

Supplement Feature - September 2011

Independent users and safety experts say that no one surface can be called the unqualified best. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages; most have to do with maintenance (loose fill constantly needs to be raked back into high-wear areas), cost (loose fill is cheaper, but what is total cost of ownership in the long term), safety (various disagreements about what's actually safest) and accessibility.

Maintenance: Grounds

Playgrounds: Safety & Maintenance Go Hand-in-Hand

Feature Article - September 2011

Proper maintenance is an essential element of playground safety. This feature will examine the to-dos to ensure playgrounds are well-maintained.


A Playground With a Ball

Guest Column - September 2011

Everyone wants to have a ball! Noncompetitive playcourts can help get kids more active and encourage play in ways ordinary playgrounds can't always achieve.