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Essential Aquatic Maintenance

Facilities Need Planned Maintenance, Energy-Efficient Solutions

Feature Article - April 2017

Aquatic facilities come with a lot of working parts that need to be kept running effectively. Staying on top of a wide range of maintenance requirements is essential to maintaining a safe environment for swimmers, as well as protecting your investment in your facility.


Planning for a Successful Operation: Part 1
Off-Season Duties

Guest Column - April 2017

In this first of a two-part series, an aquatic expert walks us through some of the best things to do before the season begins to get an aquatic operation off to a smart start.

Tips on Maintaining Safe Swimming Spaces

Web Exclusive - April 2017

As swimming continues to grow as a preferred method of exercise, commercial aquatic facilities see an increasing number of users year after year. Facility operators and managers need to keep abreast of the best ways to keep the pool, deck area and locker rooms as safe as possible for all patrons.

Preventing Pool Problems

Web Exclusive - April 2017

A recent study revealed that people do, indeed, pee in pools. But the National Swimming Pool Foundation says that's no reason to stop swimming, and offers ways that coaches and facility managers can tackle this problem.

Water, Water Everywhere

Designing Flexible Pools

Supplement Feature - February 2017

Swimming pools have come a long way from the expected rectangles of the past. Nowadays, aquatic designers take flexibility into account and design aquatic facilities that offer myriad options for programming, competition and recreation.

Put Your Pool in Overdrive

Programming Your Pool for Success

Supplement Feature - February 2017

Successful aquatic facilities require smart approaches to programming. While almost every pool should begin with the basics, there are plenty of ways to make the best use of pool time to grow attendance and revenues.

New Ways to Save

Improving Efficiency in Pool Operations

Supplement Feature - February 2017

In recreation facilities nationwide, swimming pools can eat away a big bite of the budget. Finding ways to operate aquatic facilities more efficiently and effectively is critical.


Renovation Solutions for Indoor Pools

Guest Column - February 2017

When your indoor pool begins to show signs of its age, it's time to consider your renovation options. The good news is that there are cost-effective approaches to making your pool like-new again without starting over from scratch.

Heads Above Water

Lessons, Programs & Technology Help Prevent Drownings

Feature Article - January 2017

Preventing drowning is a job that takes a diverse team of people who care, from lifeguards to pool operators, swim instructors and beyond. Here's a look at the latest in drowning prevention.

Don't Slip!

Preventing Slips & Falls

Web Exclusive - January 2017

Park and recreation managers interested in pool safety need to pay close attention to surfaces around pools. Tiles can become slippery, leading to accidents. But solutions are available to prevent slips and falls.